Susan McGalla’s Success Journey in Retail Business

Despite being a woman, Susan McGalla has beaten the odds and emerged as one of the most successful American businesswoman. She is best known, as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Miss McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, is an experienced consultant to clients on branding, marketing and operational efficiencies. She is one of the members of boards of HFF Inc., a publicly traded company that provides commercial real estate service. Through her speeches, she has been sharing her success journey with many people. McGalla also has been in front line in empowering women and young girls through motivational talks on how to start and manage businesses.

McGalla was born and raised in a family of two brothers with a father who was a local football coach. However, she was treated like more of a person than either a boy or girl. This in turn propelled her to greater heights, as she was able to work with both men and women comfortably. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College, where she currently serves in the college board of advisors. Upon graduating, she started her career at Joseph Horns Company. In this company, she performed managerial and marketing roles from 1986 until 1994.

Throughout the entire working period in Joseph Horns Company, she was in a position to boost her managerial knowledge and marketing experience. She later got an opportunity to work with American Eagle Outfitters, which marked a breakthrough in her career. Her focus here was in buying and promoting women outfit. McGalla showed endless effort and dedication while performing various roles.

McGalla proved to be an extra ordinary woman and her hard work on could be noted from her high performance and commitment. As a result, she got promoted later in the year and became president of American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla through her leadership led the company to the launching of the company’s aerie and 77kids brands. One of her aspirations while in the company was nature the culture of both women and men. She took part in maintaining the corporate cultures from 2000 to 2010.

It has also been recorded that, a group of individuals approached her to apply for a post on women executive awards. It was challenging although she took it positively. Her family was in front line in supporting her. McGalla had previously not been involved in playing women leadership roles as a result she found it a bit hard. Through her strength and determination, she sailed through. Consequently, she has become one of the most successful women in retail consultancy.

In the year 2009, the unstoppable McGalla decided to leave American Eagle Outfitters. Immediately, she founded P3 Executive Consultant for the retail and financial investment industries. She became a consultant for the top people in financial matters, offering the best financial advices to investors and business people. She had passion for her career throughout hence she emerged among the most successful American businesswoman and executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a role model to her fellow women and generally anybody who has a dream to succeed in business.

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