Susan McGalla Teaches Young Women How To Succeed In Business

Susan McGalla is a keen businesswoman who has done quite a lot of work to ensure that her career and the careers of other women are improving. A lady who is searching for a better career path may follow the instructions that Susan has offered, and they may read about her views when they are planning their own careers. There are quite a few things a woman may do, and she will change her life with Susan’s help.


#1: Have A Diverse Career


Susan believes that all women should have a diverse career, and they must look for jobs that will take them to places that they are most comfortable. Susan has worked in more than one industry, and she knows that there are many women who will not leave their industry out of fear. Leaving a chosen industry for another is important for a woman who may move up the ranks when she changes jobs.


#2: Work Harder Than The Men


Women who are in the business world must work harder than anyone else, and they may create a precedent that will help them build their image. The image that women build in the office will change how people perceive them, and they will help to keep that perception by working harder. They may continue to work in a way that will put them above their co-workers, and they will find that they may be promoted simply based on their work ethic.


#3: Share Every Idea


Women must share all their ideas without being stopped by someone else. Susan McGalla has spent a long career in fashion where she has been the owner of many ideas for her employers. She wanted them to have the best new ideas for their businesses, and she gave her opinions in every meeting to ensure that she could be heard. Her word became more and more valuable over time, and the companies she worked for became more reliant on what she said and did.


A woman who is planning her corporate career must ensure that she is working in the same style as Susan McGalla. Susan has had one of the best careers for female executives, and she is a role model that all women may take up to ensure that they have a plan for the future. Women may grow their careers when they are using the plan from Susan’s notes.

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