Susan McGalla Does Not See Gender As An Issue In Her Career

Susan McGalla has been one of the most prominent businesspeople of recent years, but has so far refused to use her gender as a reason for her fast rise or for any problems she may have faced in her past. McGalla has been an important figure for a number of the top companies in the US and is currently working as an advisor with her own P3 Executive Consulting company and has a boardroom level position with the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla’s career began as a buyer with American Eagle, a company where she quickly rose through the ranks to become an important figure as President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Susan McGalla is often highlighted as one of a growing number of women in the US business world who are making a splash with their fast advancement and attainment of executive positions. Despite the success she has achieved and the many different roles she has taken up in what are traditionally seen as male dominated industries, such as professional sports, the former President of American Eagle refuses to use her gender as either a reason for her own success or failure. Instead, she feels women should be encouraged to see themselves simply as businesspeople who are fighting for the same positions and respect as every other person in their chosen industry. The use of buzzwords and politically correct ideas is something McGalla feels lowers the respect she and every other member of the business world show towards each other.

Instead, McGalla takes the approach she was shown as a child by her football coach father who raised the executive consultant in a family filled with males and male dominated activities. Susan McGalla explains that her father made no changes to his attitude or ideas when she was growing up or began her business career and expected the same behavior and success of her as he did her brothers. She explains her father did not discriminate because of gender and instead believed she could achieve the same level of success as any other person in the career and education path she chose.

Through her work with American Eagle, the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and as an independent consultants, Susan McGalla explains the only difference between herself and her colleagues is her refusal to be the last to arrive at the first meeting of any business trip. Even as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Steelers, which involves her working in a male dominated industry, McGalla refuses to make any allowances for herself or her colleagues. Success to Susan McGalla is a universal aim that transcends gender and any other issues that are raised in the business world.

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