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Luke Lazarus is a consultant who specializes in start up businesses. He is based in Melbourne and has decades of experience in management and business establishments throughout Australia’s southern coast.

The experience that Luke has helps businesses with strategizing their next move. As an alumni of the Business School at Melbourne, Luke Lazarus graduated with his MBA before turning 25.

Over the past decade, the start up consultant has made a name for himself. He believes that his wide array of experience strengthens his presence. Whether a company is establishing or reworking a vision, his goal is to help them see it through successfully.

His vision for helping clients can be broken down into six sections: Business planning, investor presentation, market research insights, market plans, financial projections and operational improvements. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus says his day begins with self-care by way of meditation. By doing this, he states that stress is alleviated and he starts the day with a clear mind. After his meditation he walks his dog before making coffee and going to the gym. The strict discipline that can be see in his personal life can be seen in his business career as well.

Luke Lazarus brings his ideas to reality by connecting ideas to emotions while finding solutions to his personal problems. The best thing you can do is tell a great story he states. A trend that excites him is the elevation of market place and consumer spending. He finds it interesting that just having a great product isn’t enough anymore.

The fact that consumers want to know the story behind a brand intrigues him. Beyond intrigue, this has motivated him to stay ahead of the curve and also to take risks but be authentic. If he could give himself advice at a younger age, he mentioned that he would let the worry go.

Luke says that he was an anxious kid who was in a constant state of thinking ahead. Believing in yourself and your product, along with having a story are two key components that has helped Luke Lazarus throughout his successful career.

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