Staples Hacked. Should You Be Worried?

There has been yet another large scale credit card breach, this time with the office supply mega chain Staples. It occurred in several Northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, but possibly others as well. Staples supplies goods and services to many large and small companies alike, not just individual consumers.

It is suspected that at least one cash register in each location was infected with malware that creates duplicates of credit cards swiped at the terminal, giving thieves access to the victims’ accounts. Many advocates are calling for a review of net neutrality facts to prevent companies like Staples from being vulnerable to future attacks.

This theft is on the heels of other similar incidents over the last twelve months. Last December Target was hacked to the tune of 40 million accounts compromised. Neiman Marcus was hacked soon after losing control of 1.1 million customer’s credit card information. And just last week Kmart reported its payment system was hacked.

Home Depot reported that 56 million credit and debit cards were at risk. The estimated fraud cost would be around $3 billion for this theft alone.

Mark Cautela, a Staples spokesman, stated that, “If Staples discovers an issue, it is important to note that customers are not responsible for any fraudulent activity.”


One thought on “Staples Hacked. Should You Be Worried?

  • Jazlyn Eden says:

    The largest theft occurred at the big box hardware store Home Depot in September. He went on to say that Staples is working with law enforcement to resolve the issue. The issue on this is that can make everything right and it’s working so well for all and sundry too.

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