Snagging the Limelight with Lime Crime

If you haven’t seen Riverdale, Netflix’s saucy spin on the classic comic book, Archie and Friends, you are missing out – on a whirl of a tale and on Cheryl Blossom slaying the red lip game! Each time Cheryl hits the scene, we get an eyeful of fiery red, with her little, red pout at the center. The best thing about her rich, red velvet look is that it can be yours too! Lime Crime’s ultimate red lipstick, Red Velvet, is the exact same lipstick Cheryl wears and is available for only twenty bucks!

While Cheryl Blossom definitely does the Red Velvet shade justice, your perfect shade may be one of the many other fabulous shades available on Lime Crime’s website. Bloodmoon is a deep burgundy, fantastic for a dark, nighttime look. Or perhaps you would prefer a sweeter look? Marshmallow could be just the shade for you!

Whichever you choose, Lime Crime’s entire collection of products all work fantastically together! Check out their Pocket Candy and Venus Palettes, to find the perfect shade that will complement whichever lip you choose. Feeling as bold and as daring as Riverdale’s Cheryl Blossom? Give the Red Velvet a whirl! Try pairing it with the alluring shades found in the Venus Palette. These shadows allow for a sophisticated blend that can really add depth to your look! Sassy, sexy, and seductive are just a few words that come to mind, with these titillating color combinations!

Perhaps a more glitzy look is preferred, for a fabulous night out with the girls. Dab a bit of Diamond Dew on your lids, to make your eyes really sparkle! Pairing these dewy lids with the Red Velvet lipstick makes for a wonderful holiday look. Whatever look or shade you pair it with, Diamond Dew is sure to light up your face and make you the life of the party. It’ll be a crime how great you look!

Lime Crime has a unique collection, with something perfect for everyone. Cheryl Blossom’s perfect shade is Red Velvet.

What’s yours?

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