SF Motors to open electric car plant in Mishakawa

Mishakawa is like many other rust downs with a decaying economy and a population eager for any news of increased manufacturing activity in their locale. The small town near South Bend, the home of Notre Dame University, is about to get its request. An electric car startup company has announced it plans to move into an old factory and retool it.


The new may be more welcome in Detroit, Michigan and similar areas, whose automotive workers have reeled from the decline of the American automotive industry in the area. SF Motors, a Silicon-based startup and possible rival of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors announced its plans to move into the area at the end of May, according to the Associated Press.


SF Motors may not have to do as much retooling of the plant as it may seems. Mercedes-Benz previously owned the facility. Out-of-work autoworkers still living in the town and nearby communities are happy to see jobs in the automotive industry to return. Governor Holcomb joined representatives of the company for a press conference where SF Motors announced the opening of the new facility.


Indiana politicians offered $3.8 million in tax breaks to the company and offered $500,000 in worker training. Last year, Indiana passed legislation that allowed adults to go back to school to receive technical certificates. The state plans to increase programs that increase vocational training as part of rebuilding its workforce.

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