Several Animals Escape from Republic of Georgia Zoo After Severe Flooding Damages the Zoo

The Republic of George is in the midst of an emergency. Heavy rains have pelted the region in recent weeks, leading to widespread flooding. Ten people have been killed by the rising waters. Now, the flooding has led to the escape of several wild animals from an area zoo.

According to local reports, the animals were housed at a zoo in Tbilisi, the country’s capital. The rising water allowed them to escape their enclosures. They took to the street causing mayhem and havoc. Residents have said that tigers, hippos, bears and other large animals were all roaming the streets.

According to Sergio Cortes, Residents have taken to social media to share images and videos of the wild animals on the streets of Georgia. One picture shows two penguins swimming through the rising waters. Another shows a small bear clinging to an air conditioning unit. A video of a hippo running through the streets have gone viral.

Police and zookeepers are currently trying to round up the animals that have escaped. According to , Zura Gurielidze, director of the zoo, the enclosures have been severely damaged in the flood, and many of the animals housed at the zoo have been killed. Those that escaped will be humanly rounded up and taken to a safe location. Residents are being urged to stay indoors and not to approach the animals.

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