Service to life – Dr Saad Saad.

From a Palestinian refugee family in Kuwait, Saad Saad rose from the odds to make the headlines, by becoming a qualified paediatric surgeon. Poor background of Dr Saad Saad propelled him towards achieving his best. Coming from a family of eight children who was focused on life motivated him positively. Cairo University was the campus where he studied before moving to England for an internship. Venturing into medicine was a dream come true to Dr Saad Saad which since in high school he dreamt to be.

On the completion of his internship, Saad Saad went to the United States of America for work. The USA became his residence during his work life.Hard work and determination were still in the mind of Dr.Saad Saad at every point in time, by this, he was able to carry out his researches in his field of work and got reliable information. In return that proved him to be a good paediatrician. Certification by the USA board in pediatric surgery proved his competence.

In the period as a paediatrician, many young lives were saved regardless of their segregative features like race and religion. Service to humanity, according to Saad Saad was mainly steered by his humility and kindness to all. Many surgeries were done by him throughout his working life but what remained outstanding was his inventions of new methods of surgeries. Exclusively, this made him to always linger in the minds of other paediatrician surgeons. Such invention from a refugee to an icon in surgery was unbelievably amazing.

Offering services to the less fortunate were also part of Dr.Saad’s life. In Jerusalem, he delivered free pediatric services for free in the mission to help the poor. Such act was out of volunteering propelled by sympathy and mercy. Life to Dr.Saad was a precious thing and he tried his best to help everyone. Sober mind and being keen made him work correctly in surgeries. Enough sleep made his brain to relax and function properly. In an earlier interview, he claimed that he was able to make perfect incisions. Learn more:

On his private life, Dr. Saad managed to get four kids. Entirely in his storyline, he viewed God to be a game changer and everything happened for a reason. The final place of work to Dr Saad was being a surgeon-in-chief and medical director of children hospital at Hackensack meridian health care in the USA.

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