Sergey Petrossov on Deep Work

Sergey Petrossov Pays Attention

One of the main aspects of life is to pay attention to. This is becoming more difficult with the advent of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, endless messaging applications, and other seemingly more fun applications that slowly eat away at your time. But as people like Sergey Petrossov realize these things can certainly take away from your productivity and rob of you of a more meaningful life. As such, Sergey Petrossov takes great care to orient his days in a manner that will bring significant value and will help to change the lives of consumers and the supply side as well.

But Sergey Petrossov had to start from somewhere. He had to make certain that he was using his time in a correct manner. As such, Sergey Petrossov has learned a few key lessons in starting and progressing forward in life.

The First Lesson

Break a problem down in an efficient manner. Most people do not know how to break a problem down and do so in such a manner where it will add significant value to the problem set and to those that would help.

The Second Lesson

After breaking a problem down, take action. Many people do not take action, they simply plan and strategize and forget the most important thing, to continue to take action. As such, people like Sergey Petrossov focus on the need for continuous logical action. They take specific concrete action that will help them to accomplish their goals each and every single day. They know that it isn’t just about getting motivated, it is about taking rational action that will move the needle forward. It is not about what you think or what you feel but what you do on a regular basis and what that yields, in return, that matters.

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