Serge Belamant And His Invention Of Blockchain Technology

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant or Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur, businessman, and the holder of patents for technologies used primarily for financial transactions. Although he was born at Tulle, France in 1953, Belamant moved to South Africa. He is also the founder of Net1, one of the pioneers in the tech industry.

Although not as popular as techpreneurs such as Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, Serge Belamant had contributed a lot in the tech industry. If there’s something that Belamant shares with other famous techpreneurs, that would be him being a dropout from college. Serge Belamant went to the Highlands North High School, where he learned how to speak in English.

After his stay in the Highlands, he attended the Witwatersrand University in order to originally get a degree in engineering. Belamant switched to computer science and applied mathematics during his second year. He planned to finish his studies at the University of South Africa or UNISA, but because the courses he took from Witwatersrand would not be credited, Belamant instead decided to get employment.

After he dropped out, Serge Belamant was able to find a job from the firm called Matrix. He made his stay in this company worthwhile when he studied and developed an app which analyzes dam levels. he was also tasked as the head of the computer section at the Pretoria, Witwatersrand, and Vereeniging. Although his career as an employee has been worthwhile, Belamant will found his greatest success when he founded the Net1 UEPS Technologies.

During the first year of Net1, Serge Belamant and his peers started to market its Universal Electronic Payment System or UEPS. It seems that the venture has been unsuccessful until VISA finally hired Net1 Technologies for an FTS/UEPS technology development. Belamant needed to move to the United States in order to work for this project.

The result for this project was the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card or COPAC. He merged FTS and UEPS to create COPAC, which is still used by VISA today in order to battle fraud, misuse, and for the verification of the transactor’s identity. Since then, Belamant has been earning more patents for his future works in Finance and Tech.

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