SENS – Receiving a $500,000 Donation from Philanthropist Jason Hope

SENS is privileges to receive a donation amount of $500,000 to further their human age slowing efforts through their regenerative medicine developments. Jason Hope believes in this organization to a great degree, and his donation will allow the SENS team to continue its efforts and hopefully find that regenerative preventative medicine that they have sought after for some time now to prevent Arteriosclerosis.

SENS started in 2009 with its aim at creating innovative regenerative medicines to help re-shape the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries all around the world. Jason Hope truly believes in this organization. He has a true faith that SENS will eventually figure out a way for humanity to live forever. If you knew anything about the five founders: Jeff Hall, Michael Kope, Aubrey de Grey, Kevin Perrott and Sarah Marr and the direction that they are taking and have taken over the last nine years, you will probably agree with Jason Hope. Yes, SENS have had some issues with receiving the appropriate funding to continue with a lot of their needed projects, but they have still been able to manage constructive meeting with incredible results of development, from the input of some of the world’s most respected medical professionals, which has progressed the SENS organization to higher standards, consistently as expected.

It was a sheer relief in a sense to have received a donation from Jason Hope. Now, Arteriosclerosis, a disease that SENS has been wanting to pursue for some time now, can receive the proper focus necessary to accomplish its preventive regenerative medicine. What Arteriosclerosis manages to deliver to its recipient is aging matters concerning the eyes and skin and in addition causes a rise in blood pressure. This disease is an hardening of the arteries caused by proteins, fats and other unwanted molecular bonds that forms on the outer and inner walls of the arteries. What SENS must figure out is how to restore the elasticity of the arteries and with the current team behind this effort, that solution is definitely doable.

The man behind SENS’ $500,000 donation, Jason Hope, has a broad background in philanthropy. Not to get too involved in his affairs but, Jason Hope is known throughout the Maricopa County, Arizona area as a dedicated supporter of high school and college students. What he does is develop grants to fund their innovative tech ideas, anywhere from $500 – $5000 is given to a student. He truly supports the evolution of our great world.

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SENS is a non-profit organization that continues to strive for the better outcomes of slowing down aging processes through preventive medicines for many well-known diseases formed within millions of people around the world. Never give up hope, because there are organizations like SENS that are continuously working for the betterment of our cherished world.

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