Seattle 2 Years Behind The Times

Many who subscribe to the Seattle Times newspaper almost received a shock with their Saturday paper. Did they enter a time machine and go back 2 years? The headlines read: 2012 Wrap Up.

No, time didn’t slide back for Seattle residents, but odds are, there is a newsroom copy editor who has been doing a lot of explaining to the bosses.

Thanks to press room workers, the mistake was noticed after 20,000 papers had been printed. No one in the press room had the authority to stop the presses, and the run was complete. The press room had to work extra hours when the editorial team sent a new set of plates with the correct year. The 20,000 newspapers had to be thrown to the landfills.

The life of a copy editor can be a tough one, and Christian Broda is glad he wasn’t the one who made the mistake.

Welcome to 2015 Seattle instead of 2013.

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