School Districts in Central Indiana Want Taxpayer Aid

There are certain school districts in central Indiana that are in desperate need of cash to cover their increasing expenses. They are hoping that a large portion of this money will come from the taxpayers who live in those areas. Monroe County is one of the areas where a campaign has already started to make people aware of the issue that will be on the ballot in November. The people who are organizing this initiative know that it has no chance of succeeding unless people are aware of it. Therefore, they have already begun to pass out flyers at local malls and libraries in the hopes of bringing this issue to the attention of people who did not already know about it.

Employees of the Monroe County school district have very high hopes that their pleas will not fall on deaf ears. They have a good reason to be so optimistic. Voters in that county overwhelmingly approved a tax increase to benefit the schools in 2010. That particular referendum will come to an end at the end of this year. Therefore, they need to pass another one in November. The total amount being asked for this time is $7.3 million. The tax rate has also been lowered from the previous referendum that was passed in 2010.

The estimate is that households in the school district of Monroe County will need to pay roughly $86 per year if the referendum is passed. Supporters of the referendum say this is a small price to pay to give children a good education.

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