Saudi Arabia Hushes Peaceful Protests

The well known humanitarian organisation Amnesty International has claimed that Saudi Arabia is attempting to stifle the speech of anyone who raises their voice against the state since the so called Arab Spring in 2011.

The disturbing report was released earlier this week under the title “Saudi Arabia’s ACPRA: How the kingdom silences its human rights activists,” with a lot of the information directing attention to problems with ACRPA, the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association, and its acting members.

The report stated that those in power in Saudi Arabia have been closely targeted anyone affiliated with the ACRPA and Khaled Shaheen, at best simply censoring their speech, and at the worst violently ending these protests through whatever means necessary. This, in turn, is said to be a push against activism.

An Amnesty official said these crackdowns are the boiling point of years of conflict, in which Saudi Arabian officials have been using the people as leverage in order to maintain their tight hold on power in the area. Silencing the people, in this case, was their modus operandi.

Previously the Saudi government has just ignored the protests of any factions looking for political freedom. Currently 8 of the founding members of ACRPA are in custody whilst the remaining three are free, but awaiting trial. These groups are especially important in countries that lack transparency in the media, and lack a capable participants in their government.

In the meantime, until further resolution can be reached, there will remain a standstill.

One thought on “Saudi Arabia Hushes Peaceful Protests

  • Leilani Jesse says:

    Among the tactics deployed by the government was force, directed at anyone looking for more political freedoms, especially those of the Shia minority group. They did not do everything free for them that’s why could have given them everything they would want.

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