Sanjay Shah Champions the Autism Rocks Charity Campaign

Sanjay Shah, a British entrepreneur and founder of Solo capital, has always been philanthropic. For the last ten years, Shah has been sending donations to help Indian kids though plan international. However, after his youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism, a condition that affects children’s both mental and physical development, Sanjay has adopted charity and taken it to a whole new level.
How did it begin?
In 2011, Sanjay and his wife noticed that their now four-year son was sickly and could not keep his food down. They rushed him to a Dubai hospital where he was put on a drip but were advised to take him to a child psychologist. They flew to London and took him to the Portland hospital where doctors confirmed that he was autistic and thus the food allergies. Sanjay explains that this was such an awful experience getting to hear that their son was ill and that there was nothing he could do to help.
They returned him to Dubai where they had relocated to earlier only for his child to be put on a five-year long waitlist for autistic children. Sanjay had to hire private doctors to take care of his son but sympathized with the thousands of families in the country and the world who couldn’t afford to hire private doctors. To assist the Dubai Autism Centre with its operations, he donated two buses but the feeling that he could do more kept lingering in his mind.
An impromptu visit by Snoop Dogg to his home during his tour in Dubai seemed like the only catalyst he needed to figure it all out. After the meeting, he resolved to get back to music, after being a club DJ during his campus years, and use it to support autism only that this time round, he would do it differently. He resolved to organize high profile but private concerts whose all proceeds would go towards funding Autism research. So far, he has raised more than $1 million.
About Sanjay
Sanjay Shah is the founder and president of Solo Capital, a British-based hedge fund that he founded in 2011. It remains interesting though that he started out as a doctor only to branch to accounting later in life. Sanjay has a lot of experience working with the banking and investment industry for close to 30 years.
Shah is of Kenyan descent and only gained full British citizenship in 2005. He lived with his young family in London during his career and founding of Solo Capital. He has, however, relocated to Dubai from where he launched Autism Rocks campaign.

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