Sam Tabar Continues Mission To Revolutionize Waste

Sam Tabar was recently named the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, an investment firm that specializes in providing funding to revolutionary new ideas for how the world can handle its various forms of waste. The firm primarily specializes in working with municipal solid waste, as this can be turned into a very effective form of alternative fuel for energy plants that typically utilize pollutants instead.

Although FullCycle Energy Fund’s mission is admirable, Sam Tabar is no stranger to using his wealth of knowledge, as CrunchBase shows, to make an impact on the world. Before becoming the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, Tabar had previously worked with the startup company, THINX, to provide new options for female hygiene in developing parts of the world. In fact, Tabar is regularly one of the earliest investors to enter projects that he deems to be potentially revolutionary.

A large part of Sam Tabar’s success stems from his ability to merge commercial interests with those of the public. As it stands, people are more divided than ever on what the appropriate steps are to protect our planet. Tabar has taken this opportunity to look for new ways in which corporate interests can merge with those who are worried about the direction our planet is heading in. By investing in companies that specialize in improving the environment, Tabar hopes to make a positive and lasting impact. Of course, his greatest contribution to the environment will likely be through his tireless dedication to FullCycle Energy Fund.

In addition to his noted interest in the environment, Tabar has also developed a reputation for being an intelligent and thought-provoking investor. While other investors are content to make safe bets based on existing principles, Tabar is more interested in guiding his clients down a path that is ultimately more rewarding, both financially and ethically.

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