Sam Boraie; An Innovative And Noble Leader With His Community At Heart

Sam Boraie is a New Brunswick resident and Vice President of Boraie Development, a real estate company located in New Jersey.

Over the years, Boraie Development Company has been dedicated to giving New Brunswick a new face. It seeks to modernize the city with the real estate industry and has launched several development properties some of which seem to be paying off already. According to, the projects include; The Beach at South Inlet, Milltown Ford Avenue Redevelopment, The Aspire, The Estates at Waverly Place, and One Spring Street. The projects have brought a taste of stamina to the city, accomplishing the goal of improvement, while serving a broad range of clientele; residential and business-wise.

Sam Boraie stated that the company has lasting plans to transform its city and Boraie Co. has been collaborating with other organizations, undertaking campaigns to accelerate the program. In one of the campaigns, they partnered up with Shaquille O’Neal, a celebrity, and have extended their development to his town, Newark. They developed One Rector Street, a residential building amounting to $60 million, a movie theater, and retail development. To O’Neal, this was a way of giving back to his town, and Boraie Co. served as an investment opportunity.

Sam’s principal activity is bringing in new ideas concerning development projects to the company. With his ambitious navigation, Boraie Company has expanded its rejuvenating projects to Atlantic City, including real estate planning.

Apart from being a real estate developer, Sam Boraie saves his time and money to contribute to his community. Sam, together with his family have taken part in philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to the community;

  • The New Jersey State Theatre which provides scholarly programs aimed at promoting appreciation of fine arts to its students. It offers free performance tickets, teacher appreciation night, and traditional music classes. Boraie Co. supports the theatre through donations to extend its outreach endeavor.
  • Elijah’s Promise which acts as a lantern of hope for needy people in the community. Sam seats on its advisory board, helping them make decisions with his in-depth experience in business. It also has a school, Promise Culinary School, offering training in baking and culinary arts for the disabled and unemployed. Boraie Co. funded Elijah’s Promise with $5,000 to help in reaching out to more members of the community.

Sam Boraie is committed to his work, as well as the community around him. He is innovative and enthusiastic about his work, and he serves as an inspiration to many.

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