Ryan Seacrest: The Pace Setter

Ryan Seacrest is a man who is taking the media field by storm .His thriving career which he owes to his successful shows seems to show no signs of slowing down. Not to talk of his vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that has left him with lots of things to be proud of to say the least.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest a show which he hosts seems to very promising. The show which airs on radio is among one of the leading top radio shows. The Los Angeles morning drive –time show at iHearts media has proven to be such a great success that it is even topping the market charts.

Ryan Seacrest also hosts the American Idol. The show is a singing competition which its participants participate in so as to better their singing talent. The judges who play a very key role in ensuring that the participants achieve their main goal are all singers and songwriters. Therefore they are able to provide the participants with constructive criticism that helps them grow.

Consequently Ryan has also been fortunate enough to host and produce Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. This is an annually held New Year’s Eve program by the ABC studios.

When taking stock of Ryan Seacrest’s success one cannot fail to mention Ryan Seacrest production. Launched in the year 2006 the production house has since been thriving. With it producing one it show after another. One great example would be the show keeping up with Kardashians a reality show which focuses on family drama between siblings. The show which has received massive reception from the public has also been very instrumental in helping the siblings to establish their brands.

The production company has also produced E! Live from the Red Carpet and Shades of Blue a drama series which stars a famous singer and song writer Jennifer Lopez.

While paying tribute to his successes we also have to acknowledge his philanthropic ways. Ryan Seacrest with his huge heart has generously given back to the society. He serves as the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has opened ten broadcasting centers in pediatric hospitals. The foundation has been able to provide the little children with a platform to bring out their creativity in radio and television to life.

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