Rural Indiana Counties Receive Federal Aid for Opioid Crisis Battle

In response to the growing opioid epidemic consuming the local population, the Indiana Department of Health recently announced they are distributing 3,400 naloxone drug overdose response kits to 95 trained first responder units in 34 local rural counties. Naloxone is a potentially life-saving, FDA approved drug that has proven results neutralizing the lethal effects of an opioid overdose.

The Naloxone overdose kits were part of an overall 3.2 million dollar Federal aid package providing relief to Indiana’s hardest hit rural communities combating the spiraling opioid crisis. $127,000 of the funds have been allocated specifically for the thousands of naloxone opioid overdose first response kits as well as associated training.

Indiana’s rural counties qualified for the much-needed Federal assistance due to high instances of overdose-related hospital cases, an excessive number of opioid prescriptions and low reported use of naloxone by local first responder groups.

For more coverage on the opioid crisis in Indiana, click here.

According to the Center of Disease Control’s statistics, in the 12-months spanning July 2016 to July 2017 Indiana suffered 1,767 fatal overdoses, a 28-percent increase from the previous year. Overall, Indiana ranks seventh in the country for most fatal overdoses per capita behind: Delaware, District of Colombia, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Counties Receiving First Responder Naloxone Kits & Training

• Adams

• Cass

• Clinton

• Crawford

• Decatur

• DeKalb

• Dubois

• Fayette

• Grant

• Greene

• Henry

• Huntington

• Jackson

• Jay

• Jefferson

• Jennings

• Kosciusko

• LaGrange

• Lawrence

• Marshall

• Miami

• Montgomery

• Noble

• Parke

• Pike

• Pulaski

• Randolph

• Rush

• Starke

• Steuben

• Tipton

• Wabash

• Wayne

• Union

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