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It seems like every former and current quarterback that has ever played in the National Football League is coming forward to state their own personal opinions on the deflate gate case that has taken the media by storm over the last week. There is literally no end in sight regarding the case, even after Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both gave press conferences yesterday to address the situation. Tony Romo chimed in earlier today to state his views on what happened and he seemed to mimic a good portion of what other players have been saying around the league. He didn’t take hard blame at Brady like people such as Troy Aikman have been doing, but he did say that the coaches have nothing to do with the balls and stated that Bill Belichick probably was clueless to the situation. He then went on to say that it is the quarterbacks and the ball boys that are touching the ball and that really is it. He said that if you want to get to the bottom of the situation you are going to have to talk to one of them and since Tom Brady has already made it very clear that he will not own up to any wrongdoings, the only one left to talk to is the unknown ball boys for the New England Patriots. However, Mark Brunell stated earlier today that no ball boy will do anything to a football unless instructed by the quarterback. Boards on have started popping up dissing Tom Brady managed by disgruntled fans like Haidar Barbouti.

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