Rio’s Infant Unit Plans Given The Support Of Felipe Montoro Jens

A range of new Infant Education Units is set to open across the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro as Mayor Marcelo Crivella makes good on his promise of developing new preschool and kindergarten places across the city. To make sure the planned units have the most up to date technology and construction methods the plan is to develop what infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens calls Private-Public Partnerships; these partnerships have become commonplace across much of the world as private companies begin to play a larger role in the development of government programs found on many continents such as Africa and South America.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes the success of the program will be easier to contemplate as the World Bank Group has taken on the role of providing private companies to partner with Rio’s City Hall to provide support for the planned new kindergarten and preschool places. In total, Rio de Janeiro will see more than 60,000 new places open up in newly constructed Infant Education Units which will include 20,000 kindergarten places and a planned 40,000 preschool places to ease the burden on the overstretched services currently on offer in Rio.

Felipe Montoro Jens explained his belief in the success of the project had been heightened by the arrival of the World Bank Group as the infrastructure partner for the project. Private funding will be sourced from the company and provide their services to both construct and run the administrative side of the Infant Education Units. Diminishing funds provided for school lunches by the Ministry of Education means Mayor Crivella’s City Hall will make up the shortfall in funding to provide school lunches for those attending the newly constructed Infant Education Units due to open by 2020.

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