Ricardo Tosto

According to sources close to a Lava Jato Prosecutor, the National Development Bank (BNDES) provided financing of R $ 2.4 billion to nine contractors investigated by the Lava Jato operation. Between the years 2003 and 2009, Ricardo Tosto of the law firm Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados would comprise a group responsible for the diversion of funds from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). He was part of the bank’s Board of Directors and would have obtained approval for financing, charging an amount ranging from 2% to 4% over the amount released.

According to investigations Over the years, 2,481 transactions were carried out, 2,471 or R $ 1,6 billion of which were “automatic indirect financing”, generally granted to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Such operations do not need to be pre-evaluated by BNDES and have a maximum limit of R $ 20 million in credit.

The contractor most benefited by this type of financing was Camargo Corrêa, which earned R $ 502.5 million through 857 operations, or an average of R $ 586.3 thousand per loan. Odebrecht also achieved high credit: R $ 449.4 million in 412 loans. If considered the average per operation, the financing granted to the contractor was the most generous, of R $ 1.1 million. Then, Queiroz Galvão – to whom the bank granted R $ 401.2 million in 619 operations, an average of R $ 648.2 thousand per operation – and UTC, which contracted financing with the bank in the amount of R $ 134.2 million through 410 operations, an average of R $ 327.3 thousand. Also indirectly and automatically, the were Mendes Junior (R $ 56.1 million in 89 operations), Galvão Engenharia (R $ 39.8 million in 50 operations), OAS (R $ 18.1 million in 16 operations) and Engevix (R $ 9.6 million in 12 operations).

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