Rebooting The Hits In Entertainment

There is a lot of rebooting going around in the music and movie industry. People should not be surprised by all the new singles that are up for release. There is some talk about the release of a possible collaboration between Jessie J and Ariana Grande again. This time it is not for a new track though. This is the reboot of a old hit that was made popular by Monica and Brandy.

‘The Boy is Mines’ was a hit 20 years ago. Rodney Jerkins is pairing Jessie J and Ariana Grande together to remake this hit song. Jerkins had a string of hits in the 90’s and he is celebrating his success with some remakes of his hits. Ariana and Jessie J have been very vocal in recent months with hits that have made it to pop and R&B charts. This is a perfect combination that reflects a sassy attitude that the original song carried.

Rodney is also planning to rework a Whitney Houston hit with Sam Smith. This is a good thing for Jerkins who has resurfaced on production for the Sam Smith hit ‘Stay With Me.’ Sam is set to sing ‘It’s Not Right, but It’s Okay.’

This is something of a new concept. In the past lots of people were sampling songs, much to fans like Jared and others delight. Today more artists are doing entire covers. Jessie J and Ariana are the best choices for this song, because they have crossover appeal.

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