Rebel Wilson Makes You Forget Your Romance Blues With Laughs

If you have ever seen any of the Pitch Perfect movies you know exactly who Rebel Wilson is. Fat Amy is the character that she has made famous, and that is where the bulk of her fan base has come from. Since then the Sydney Australian actress has continued to flourish as one of the fresh faces in the comedy world.

For a long time that she has been acting Rebel Wilson has appeared as a breath of fresh air in comedies where she has become the most entertaining in movies where she was not even the star. That would be the thing that would catapult her to a whole new level, and in 2019 she gets her chance to shine with 3 new movies that are coming to a theater new you. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

It is with the Isn’t It Romantic movie that Rebel Wilson will have a great chance to solidify herself as a comedic star that has the ability to bring in the numbers when it comes to grossing millions of dollars. Her fan base is already in place, and social media is a clear-cut indicator that Isn’t It Romantic can do well at the box office.

There are multiple trailers this movie that also stars , and it all seems to center around a person that has had no luck and love, and she believes that the romantic films that are displayed on giving women a lot of false hope. This may very well be the sentiment of tons of people that still pay their hard-earned money to watch these types of movies in real life.

What Wilson can do with this film is create something of a dialog where people can laugh and observe what typically happens in romantic comedies all the time. So many people have become used to the cookie cutter films that they do not even question some of the obvious stuff that Rebel Wilson brings into the equation. That is where movie lovers may find themselves laughing at these observations that they may have never even bothered to pay attention to before.

From the looks of everything that is out right now in concerns to the trailers it appears that Rebel Wilson has a hit movie on her hands. It is smart and funny. It looks at all of the angles that have become notorious for the romantic comedy that does not have any realistic storyline.

If moviegoers walk away with nothing else, they will at least have a chance to have conversations about how this movie paints a totally different light on how movies are portrayed. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Rom com presents the romantic film norm, but it appears that Rebel Wilson is going to create a new norm or at least question the normal that is currently in existence. It is part of her charm, and it is also a big part of her comedic talent as an actress that is part of the plus sized community.

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