Rebel Wilson: First Lead Role on a Rom-Com Movie

 Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming Valentine’s Day movie from Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. The movie stars Rebel Wilson, who played memorable characters in her past movie projects like the Pitch Perfect series. She will be portraying the character of Natalie, who was a hopeless romantic looking for her soul mate.

Her co-stars in the movie include Liam Hemsworth, who plays the role of Blake – an Australian client who would later become one of her love interests; Adam DeVine, who plays the role of Josh – Natalie’s officemate who would also become her love interest; and Priyanka Chopra, playing the role of Isabella who is a yoga ambassador. The movie was directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, and he stated that many people will love the movie because it is nothing like they have seen before. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

Todd Strauss-Schulson has directed a Harold and Kumar movie in the past. He stated that Isn’t It Romantic would be his first take on the rom-com genre, and to give him an idea how it works out, he revealed that he had to watch a lot of rom-com movies to search for ideas.

He was surprised after finding out that a lot of rom-com movies have the same clichés and plot, like kissing under the rain and a story set in New York City, among others. With the help of the story writers, they were able to create a love story that parodies all rom-com movies, and Rebel Wilson was the first person who came inside his mind when he thought of Natalie.

Isn’t It Romantic will be Rebel Wilson’s first lead role, and she felt grateful knowing that the director chose him to play the role. Rebel Wilson stated that the movie shoots were fun, and they had to rehearse a lot because many scenes in the movie are supposed to be musicals, with the ideas being taken from Bollywood movies.

After the shoots, Rebel Wilson had the chance to watch the film being shown to a test audience, but she had to go undercover and listen to what the audiences would say. Overall, the test audience loved the movie, and Rebel Wilson is excited for its release in February 2019.

The movie released their first trailer in November 2018, and it gained positive reviews from the people who have seen it. The trailer, which was shown during the Ellen DeGeneres show, highlights the back story of Natalie who fell in love with rom-com movies when she was younger. However, her mother told her that happy endings on love stories do not happen in real life, and the poor child had grown cold when it comes to romance.

However, everything will change when she met an accident as she was trying to flee from a robber. Natalie hit her head hard on a metal pole, making her deeply unconscious. He would later wake up in a hospital bed, seeing that New York City changed a lot. In this alternate world, she would have a chance meeting her love interest, but will have to choose if she wanted to stay on return to her own world.

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