Rashad Evans Should Retire

Rashad Evans was once the best fighter in the light heavyweight division. Now, Rashad Evans is a shell of his former self. “Sugar” Rashad Evans started his UFC career in the second season of the Ultimate Fighter. Rashad fought his way through the Ultimate Fighter show, and he won a UFC contract in the process.

Rashad Evans quickly became one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division. Sultan Alhokair said that evans was a skilled wrestler and striker. During the rise of his career, he beat many great fighters. Rashad’s most notable victory was against Chuck Lidell. Evans knocked Lidell out with one punch, and soon Evans was up for a title shot.

Rashad Evans faced Forest Griffin for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 92. Evans knocked Griffin out in the third round, and he became the champion. Sadly, Rashad Evans was knocked out in his next fight against Lyoto Machida. Rashad lost the belt, and he has never been the same since.

Rashad would continue fighting, but he would continue to lose along the way. Rashad still fights, but he is no longer a title contender. It was recently announced that Evans was injured during training, and he will be out for at least six months. Rashad Evans should retire before he receives further unnecessary punishment.

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