Randal Nardone – Co-Founder and CEO of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the man behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group. The idea behind the formation of Fortress was to help other people. He knew the importance of providing others with an opportunity for a better future. He also knew that there were certain things that he could do and positively impact self-employed people. Nardone always had a feeling that Fortress Investment Group was on the right track as long as he was confident of the chances he had for success. The firm managed to grow and expand due to how he set it up and the fact that he was always active. Randal Nardone always concentrated on giving them all they needed for the growth and success of the company. He also knew that there were some things that he should change if necessary to change the course of the business. Read the article at bizjournal.com to know more about Randal.

Among the things that motivated him towards founding Fortress Investment Group were his incredible skills and vast experience. He had worked in many firms and various senior positions. He had a feeling that several things would lead to tremendous difference to his clients. Under his leadership and management, Fortress Investment Group grew and attained immense success. He significantly contributed to providing clients with suitable opportunities that they needed to be successful. Randal Nardone was always supportive and concerned about all things that were happening in the business. He vowed to offer support where all his clients needed it.

Randal Nardone always showed clients that everything would turn out great whenever he helped people with the various alternatives that they had. He was always fond of the business and appreciated any input; hence, people were ever optimistic and confident with all what was happening. Many people were hard-working and highly committed, which made Nardone feel like it was all his responsibility to provide them with what they needed. Fortress Investment Group success was so great that it caught the attention of SoftBank, which later decided to acquire it at 3.3 billion USD cash. The acquisition was a great achievement as Fortress had a more excellent opportunity of growing and expanding, resulting in greater success.

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