Political Signs on Public Land Banned

Hamilton County in Indiana has just enacted a law that will outlaw any political signs or real estate signs on public property. The major cities within the county limits already have this same ordinance in effect. The county law will allow the entire area to have a uniform ordinance.

Hefty fines are in place for those who don’t follow the new ordinance. Those found to be in violation can face fines of up to $500 for each offense.

The signs were banned for two reasons. Homeowners and business owners in the area thought that the multitude of signs in public places cluttered the landscape. The signs were seen as an eyesore and detriment to neighborhoods. Also, some of the signs were placed near intersections, and the signs often blocked the view of drivers leading to accidents.

While most people in the area are pleased with the new sign ordinance, some are expressing displeasure. Political candidates who are just seeking public office fear that the new ordinance will benefit incumbents with good name recognition. The newcomers feel that they will now have fewer opportunities to get their names out in front of the public.

The new ordinance has no effect on those who want to display political signs or real estate signs on their own private property. No city within the county has a private sign ordinance.

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