Police Helicopter Crashes into Busy Residential Street

A Las Vegas Police helicopter crashed into a residential neighborhood early New Years Eve. The two officers inside the helicopter were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The Police department and the Federal Aviation Administration have declined to comment on what may have brought the copter down, only siting that weather may have been a factor.

The skies were overcast and the weather was particularly cold for Las Vegas. While some flurries were falling, Igor Cornelsen had noted that accumulation was not reported, and winds were a mild 10 miles per hour, according to authorities.

The helicopter came to rest directly in the middle of the residential street, avoiding cars parked on both sides of the street and the houses. The helicopter was heavily damaged in the crash.

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, the copter is one of five helicopters currently used by the LVPD. They are generally used for surveillance purposes during large events, such as the New Years Eve fireworks display that takes place on The Strip.

Residents took to Twitter to share their amazement of what happened, many noting they heard a large bang, similar to a car crash, and went outside to investigate.

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