Plane Collision Kills Two In Indiana

On April 2, two planes at a northeastern Indiana airport collided on the runway, resulting in the deaths of two passengers on the smaller plane.

This horrific crash seems to have resulted from poor communication and/or a lack of coordination among all involved. The smaller plane, a Cessna 150, was attempting to take off as a larger plane, a Cessna 525, was trying to land. The smaller plane clipped the tail of the larger plane as it took off, resulting in the crash of the Cessna 150 and the death of its two occupants. No one in the larger plane was hurt, though the tail of the plane was detached completely.

The Cessna 150 is a small, two-seater plane designed mainly for training. The Cessna 150 is a small passenger plane that holds up to ten people.

The two deceased individuals have been identified as a pair of volunteer firefighters named Kyle Hibst and David Wittkamper

The Federal Aviation Administration has already opened an investigation, which seems proper because these deaths were completely preventable. The investigation will be overseen by the National Transportation Safety Board. One detail that has already been announced is the interesting fact that this airport (Marion Municipal Airport, to be exact) had no control tower! Instead, pilots were expected to communicate with one another by radio and coordinate their activities on the ground. When you realize that, it’s actually a wonder that this didn’t happen sooner.

The investigation is ongoing, and more details are expected in the near future.

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