Pie Shop Owners Is Hero In Indiana for Saving Pie Festival

The fast action of an enterprising pie shop owner in central Indiana has saved his town’s annual Strawberry Festival.


The Strawberry Festival has been a local favorite in Kokomo, Indiana, for years. This summer’s event is set to kick off on June 1. But disaster loomed after a California supplier informed Strawberry Festival organizers that they would not be able to deliver two tons of the delicious red fruit due to bad weather.


That’s when Greg Lucas sprang into action. He is the owner of the popular Moore’s Pie Shop on Kokomo’s Elm Street. He searched the nation for another seller who could supply 4,000 pounds of strawberries. He struck pay dirt when a Michigan vendor told him: “No problem — except we can’t provide delivery.”


That didn’t stop Greg Lucas, a man who for 13 years has made sure that the Kokomo Strawberry Festival is always packed with strawberries. He rented a truck and hit the road. He made the several-hundred mile trip north to Michigan and returned with two tons of frozen berries. Volunteers from a local U.S. Army recruiting station and kokomo’s Parks and Recreation department helped him unload the fruit.


Kokomo’s Downtown Association Manager Susan Alexander said Mr. Lucas’ swift action, “saved the day and the festival.”


At last year’s festival the good folks of Kokomo polished off more than 7,000 servings of strawberry short cake along with a variety of other berry-licious treats. The Strawberry Festival draws people from many part of Indiana and has become a cherished summer tradition here.

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