Picking The Right Facility For Loved Ones

Finding the right assisted living facility should not only include the care that the elderly person receives, but also the care that goes into making their senior yeas their best. First and foremost the facility considered should be clean, well kept, and have sufficient landscaping for the area in which it is located.

The Manse on the Marsh offers impeccably clean grounds with beautiful landscaping and inviting outdoor areas, and boast a ton of great reviews from the people currently living there. The view from the front of the facility may not show it, but the outdoor space behind the facility is well equipped with patios, a bistro and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the California sun.

The facility also maximizes the comfort of the residents. A big, cozy fireplace offers a place to warm the feet in the winter, as well as making a great setting for meeting with people and socializing. The spacious dining area, which has won numerous awards, also allows for those living there to have get together with family, as well as host parties and events.

When considering an assisted living facility the housing arrangements should also meet the needs of the senior person. Some may want to maintain their privacy and independence. For these individuals the Manse on the Marsh offers one and two bedroom apartments, cottages and even studios.

Others may desire a more social living arrangement. For these individuals there are many shred living arrangements that may e opted for. The Manse on the Marsh also offers a full fireplace with their apartments so that cozy at home feeling can be maintained.  Some of the pictures from their Twitter are amazing, considering what you get.

Activities are another consideration that should be kept in mind when finding the right facility. People can can depressed and bored if they have nothing to do. The Manse on the Marsh is in the downtown area of San Luis Obispo. They have access to many community events, as well as museums, art galleries and the historic sites.

The confines of the facility are also hock full of plenty of activities for the residents to enjoy. They have a theater, fitness center, library and salon just to name a few of the perks one will enjoy there. Each room is also equipped with WiFi and cable television.

Quality of care is one of the most important facets to consider. The Manse on the Marsh hires qualified professionals that love their jobs. Residents are assured of help when it is needed, and the medical attention that they need. The Manse on the Marsh is one big family that wants to invite your family to come and see what they offer.

The first time stepping onto their grounds one will experience a welcoming atmosphere that is clean and friendly. Families are welcome to come and visit or stay for a night with their elderly loved ones.

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