Pence Will Remain Governor Until Next Year

Mike Pence is now officially going to be the Vice President of the United States in January of 2017. There had been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not he would remain in his current job as Governor of the state of Indiana. He put all of those rumors to rest when he declared that running the state of Indiana will remain his top priority until he officially takes the office of Vice President next year. Pence made these remarks during his first meeting in Indianapolis since Donald Trump won the election. He made it clear that it has been an honor to be the governor of a state that he is proud to call home.


Pence acknowledged that he will need to travel to Washington quite often during the next two months because he is also in charge of Trump’s transition team. He is responsible for making sure the best people are given top positions in Trump’s administration. Despite this time-consuming task, Pence has assured the citizens of Indiana that he will be back home often enough to make sure everything is in place when he eventually does leave the governor’s office.


Pence said the main reason he has decided to complete his term as governor was because he was taught by his parents to always finish something that he starts. He said that deciding to leave office early would be letting down all of the people who voted for him. He believes that he owes it to his constituents to see the job through to the end.




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