Paul Mampilly Discusses Whether Or Not Amazon’s Healthcare Push Is A Very Serious One

Paul Mampilly has written many articles about technology and how you can capitalize on it by buying the right stocks, and he’s also written about companies like Amazon and how they’ve caused disruptions. He’s written two articles recently about how Amazon has impacted healthcare stocks both with some bad and good news. He mentioned in one article that because Amazon’s new healthcare company combined with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway was going to cut out the usual middleman model, many companies whose stocks were targeted and relied on that model were going to see their stock values plummet. But the other article had different news.

Paul Mampilly believes that although there will be some disruptions in the way you buy prescription drugs and get healthcare with Amazon, it won’t completely be gone. That’s because Amazon has had their critics saying they’ll disrupt certain markets, but when it’s come to actually taking them over completely, they haveb’t done it yet. For example, when Amazon announced they had bought Whole Foods Corp. and were going to setup a new grocery store model that would put companies like Kroger and Food Lion out of business, those companies’ stocks went down for a while, but Amazon had trouble rolling this out and since then Kroger’s stock has come shooting back up. They also thought their Amazon Prime service was going to put Netflix out of business several years ago when it began, but so far Netlfix has held its own. All that to say Mampilly expects things will be similar with their healthcare plan.

Paul Mampilly gives investment advice to people through writing articles and newsletters. He used to give it to wealthy clients in the offices of banks like ING, Deutsche Bank and Banker’s Trust, and he also was a renowned hedge fund manager at Kinetics International Fund for several years during which he helped investor accounts gain up to 26% in annual returns and grew total AUM to $25 billion. Mampilly also is the winner of the 2008-09 competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation for which he won the Grand Prize in turning $50 million to $88 million. But he had his reasons for leaving this life.

Paul Mampilly said that although his professional banking career paid very well, he never felt like he fit in with the Wall Street crowd, and his job was taking away time with his family. So he left the big corporate offices and began his newsletter writing for home, and he said he was never happier in his life because now he could spend time with his children while helping people who Wall Street ignored. His first newsletter, “Profits Unlimited” was launched in 2016 and today has over 60,000 subscribers. People love Mampilly’s newsletters not only because his advice has been found to be legitimate and has had investors raving about it, but also because they say it’s easy to understand and follow, and he also puts together YouTube videos for it. Visit:


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