Panthers Roll on Cardinals

There was a great deal of speculation going in to the wild card game between the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals in the wild card round of the playoffs. The irony was that the Carolina Panthers, despite barely scraping into the playoffs with a losing record, were the projected winners to the playoff game. The Arizona Cardinals started off their season in amazing fashion winning the first nine of ten games but proceeded to flop the rest of the season, losing game after game. Although they finished with eleven wins and had a great record, the momentum they brought into the playoffs stated that they were not in good shape.


On the other hand, the Carolina Panthers absolutely dominated the Atlanta Falcons in the last game of the season in a game in which they had to win to get into the playoffs and they exhibited a great amount of momentum. This was talked about on IndieWire the entire week leading up to the playoffs. Although statistics would tell you that the Arizona Cardinals were the favorite in this matchup, Tom Rothman disagreed and they were called the underdog in this game and the results verified that projection. The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Carolina Panthers in a game that can only be summed up by stating that the Carolina panthers were in complete control. Despite being down by a single point in the first half, the Panthers rallied in the second half and came out on top in the wild card game.

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