Romo Weighs in


It seems like every former and current quarterback that has ever played in the National Football League is coming forward to state their own personal opinions on the deflate gate case that has taken the media by storm over the last week. There is literally no end in sight regarding the case, even after Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both gave press conferences yesterday to address the situation. Tony Romo chimed in earlier today to state his views on what happened and he seemed to mimic a good portion of what other players have been saying around the league. He didn’t take hard blame at Brady like people such as Troy Aikman have been doing, but he did say that the coaches have nothing to do with the balls and stated that Bill Belichick probably was clueless to the situation. He then went on to say that it is the quarterbacks and the ball boys that are touching the ball and that really is it. He said that if you want to get to the bottom of the situation you are going to have to talk to one of them and since Tom Brady has already made it very clear that he will not own up to any wrongdoings, the only one left to talk to is the unknown ball boys for the New England Patriots. However, Mark Brunell stated earlier today that no ball boy will do anything to a football unless instructed by the quarterback. Boards on have started popping up dissing Tom Brady managed by disgruntled fans like Haidar Barbouti.

Use Skout to Foster New Relationships

 Have you grown tired of the regular dating scene? Have you become completely fed up with putting your profile online at one dating site after another, only to end up with nothing more than what amounts to some awkward first date that turns into nothing in the end? The truth is, most people have experienced this and many people experience it frequently. Part of the reason is because most people do not necessarily meet the way that your parents and your grandparents did. Today, more people spend time on social media and they are actually online more than they are offline. As a result, you might find yourself looking for that special someone and not really having any luck. Maybe an you are really only looking for someone to have a casual relationship with or to develop a new friendship. Either way, Skout is the perfect way to accomplish all of these things.

Skout is a new app that can run either on the iPhone or on Android operating system. You might think of it as another dating site but the truth is, it is much different than any traditional dating site. With Skout, you don’t have to sit there and spend all day entering all of your information and you don’t feel like you are being asked about every event that has happened to you since childhood. You simply have the chance to meet other people that are in your area who are also interested in meeting someone. It is a very simple concept, yet it is one that is extremely solid.

Once you sign up with Skout and you have your account created, you get alerts when other people are in your area that are also on the site. You can then choose to get in touch with that individual and you have the chance to enjoy an intimate dinner or a simple telephone conversation. The choice is entirely up to you. Perhaps the best part about Skout is that it is not a service that is dedicated to finding someone so you can get married. Instead, it is an app that is dedicated to helping you meet people in the same geographic area that you are in and allows you to build your own relationships the way that you choose to build them.

With Skout, you are always in total control. There are never any intimidating question and answer sessions and you have the opportunity to take the relationship as far as you choose. By the same token, you also have the opportunity to keep the relationship at a very simple level where you might only see each other once in awhile. Think of it as something that simply alerts you to other people that are close by who are looking for a new friend or a new relationship. You can then take it from there on your own.

The thing that really makes Skout different is that it is truly mobile so you can get alerts wherever you happen to be at the moment. In addition, it is the first service of its kind that really puts each individual in control of the types of relationships that they want to have. In addition, Skout is a service that really speaks to younger generations and allows young people to meet others using a platform that they are already accustomed to using. It is very much like using any other social media platform, with the exception that its intention is to help people develop relationships of all kinds.

John Textor and the Rise of Visual Effects

Mr. John Textor is an entrepreneur and successful businessman in the digital imaging and entertainment industries. He started out his career as an economics major before founding Wyndcrest Holdings, a company focused on funding telecommunications and entertainment projects, in 1997. In the early 2000s, Mr. Textor built on the success of his first venture by climbing the leadership ladders of several companies before becoming chairman and chief executive officer of the Digital Domain Media Group in 2006.

Digital Domain Media Group is a visual effects company whose innovations in the field have led to a higher standard of digital imaging in the film industry as well as numerous awards. With Mr. Textor at the helm, Digital Domain provided the visual effects for over 20 popular feature films, including the highly successful Transformers series, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and the science fiction thriller Ender’s Game. The company was able to expand from its original California location to Florida, and under Mr. Textor’s leadership established a unique Bachelor’s-level dual-enrollment program for students wishing to pursue visual effects at Florida State University.

Mr. Textor’s tenure at Digital Domain resulted in the company’s re-emergence as a leader in the field of visual effects. In 2009, Digital Domain received an Academy Award for its work producing and animating a lifelike, authentic digital actor for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This achievement was a landmark feat that garnered widespread acclaim and recognition for the company. Digital Domain went on to follow up its success with a digital hologram of the deceased hip hop artist Tupac Shakur in 2012 under the guidance of John Textor, which performed at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Additionally, the company was able to join in the creation of a digital holographic version of another famed musician, the late Elvis Presley.

In 2013, Mr. Textor began serving as the executive chairman of the board of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a visual effects company that specializes in creating and animating digital, photorealistic humans for use in films. At present, Mr. Textor continues to be an essential resource for his Pulse Evolution team. He is currently working on the animated film Art Story as a producer.

Ten Years Of The Sphere Of Silence

It has been ten years since “The Sphere Of Silence” was released out to the public. It is a milestone that the author Vijay Eswaran is celebrating. His work in this book has been enjoyed by many and has brought about a new way of thinking for a lot of people. They see the book as a way of learning more about listening to their own inner beings. By doing this, they are actually taking a tactic that most people unfortunately do not use at this moment.

The book contains a lot of the themes of Hinduism that Vijay Eswaran learned about as a young child. He learned so much about what it means to ignore the distractions that are a major part of the world that we live in. He says that these distractions may seem as though they provide us with the things that we need, but in reality they only distract us from listening to what is going on internally.

Unlocking one’s inner self is the way that we can tackle some of the big problems that we have in this world. Huge world conditions such as overpopulation and global warming are two things that Vijay believes needs to be handled. He says that the way that this can happen is to listen to what is going on in one’s internal self.

It is incredibly difficult to get anything major accomplished at all without the help of listening to one’s inner self. He firmly believes that this book can help people to better understand what is going on in their lives and hopefully adjust to what they need to do to listen to themselves for a while. This is the only way that things can start to get better as far as he is concerned. It is certainly an interesting read that anyone and everyone can get something from.

The Man Behind The Desk

In 2007, Christopher Cowdray proudly became the CEO of Dorchester Collection after working as general manager in 2004. Living in Zimbabwe gave him extraordinary management expertise, which spanned across four continents. His exceptional knowledge of luxury hotel management has given him the ability to do business globally with ease.

Cowdray has an impeccable educational background. He attended Columbia University in New York City. Additionally he graduates from Columbia Business School Executive Program. His keen sense of business has afforded him the opportunity to manage hotels in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Christopher Cowdray’s resume is certainly quite impressive. He has held positions as the general manager at The Dorchester, managing director in London at Claridges, as well as the general manager at Al Bustan Palace Hotel.

Christopher is a firm believer that for any business or organization to be successful, it starts with the employees. Every member is vital to the success of the business. His remarkable knowledge and management skills has shaped and developed not only Dorchester Collection’s values, but also has made certain that these values are upheld throughout all hotels. Christopher proudly boasts about his employees committment, loyalty and drive to succeed. Christopher’s philosophy of business has proven time and time again that it is a success. He has also been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award, which took place at the European Hospitality Award ceremony in London. Whether it is in the United Kingdom or spanning across the globe to Africa, Christopher Cowdray time and time again has shown that he is an award-winning businessman and believes nothing is too difficult to achieve if you want it bad enough. His hard work and determination has afforded him the prestigious title of chief executive officer at The Dorchester.

Cavaliers Struggling

The speculation coming into the NBA season for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been tremendous, due to the fact that LeBron James was returning to the team, as well as some stars such as Kevin Love. Although the Cleveland fans burned LeBron’s jersey in the streets of Cleveland and tarnished his name as much as humanly possible, they have welcomed him back to the Cavaliers with open arms.

Then again, who wouldn’t welcome back King James? Although the return was highly anticipated by fans like Mark Ahn, it has failed to produce the results that had been expected. It is not unlike what was expected when he was originally drafted over a decade ago. A massive amount of people expected that Cleveland was going to win a handful of championships, mirroring what Michael Jordan did with the Chicago Bulls.

Although the Cavaliers reached the NBA finals on multiple occasions, they did not even begin to matchup with the best in the Western Conference. This year has been lackluster for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have done nothing to solidify themselves as a force in the Eastern Conference and that wouldn’t even be making a huge statement. The Western Conference is superior to such a degree that it is almost absurd to assume that any team in the East has a chance to win a title aside from the Atlanta Hawks, who are fantastic. The Cavaliers are simply not a team to compete for an NBA title.

The Philosophy of North American Spine

North American Spine specializes in providing conservative, holistic treatment through the gradual increasing of risk and invasiveness of options for the patient. They start with the principle of introducing shifts in the patient’s lifestyle through diet and exercising, working up to additional techniques including physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain management. Further along the chain is a unique AccuraScope procedure for surveying the pain areas, and finally a variety of surgical techniques if and as needed.

The goal of treatment is gradual escalation, rather than a jump to the most risky and invasive treatment options. This methodology is termed by them the “Continuum of Care”. North American Spine devised a methodology that step-by-step takes patients along these treatments, while monitoring their progress and responsiveness to various therapeutic techniques and procedures all the while. Ideally, a point is reached in the treatment where the patient finds relief well before considering the need for surgery.

North American Spine looks at the patient as a whole individual, and looks at many causes for their back and neck-pain. These factors require a broader perspective, often falling into general lifestyle adjustments. These factors allow the specialists to help mitigate the issues of back-pain that are linked to a variety of factors that might not otherwise be considered or approached as related to the condition.

Central to many of the treatments offered by North American Spine is the AccuraScope procedure. In this procedure a catheter is inserted into the target area in the patient’s back, which guides the use of a laser that treats the specific areas of pain.

Part of their philosophy is the understanding that the treatment of back-pain is not a one-shot deal. It involves an ongoing lifestyle mind and body shift, which includes continuous adjustments including exercise and lifestyle awareness. Treatment from back and neck-pain involves an appreciation for the full life-cycle of the condition. North American Spine provides such an understanding, and such a treatment.

Bruce Levenson Work Tirelessly For NBA Board Of Governors


Before Bruce Levenson was a member of the NBA board of governors, he was the CEO of UCG. He company was designed to give information about oil prices and the oil industry. His company grew over time to feature a massive database of information, and the company was so large that he was able to buy a stake in the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena.

When the sale of the Hawks, Thrashers and Philips Arena was completed, Levenson managed the group of Washington owners of the franchises. The whole unit was known as Atlanta Spirit LLC, and they sold the Thrashers to a Winnipeg business group. That sale sent the Thrashers back to Canada, and the Winnipeg Jets were put back into the NHL.

When the Hawks were owned by the Spirit group with Levenson heading the way, they were able to hire Mike Budenholzer to run the team. Budenholzer was a long time assistant with the San Antonio Spurs, and he currently has the Hawks playing the best basketball in the NBA.

Recently Levenson decided to sell his stake in the team, and the team is 100% for sale. The growth of the team under Levenson’s leadership is more than anyone could have imagined. The game atmosphere at Philips Arena is among the most electric in the NBA according to ESPN, and the building itself is an exciting place to play basketball.

The small beginnings that Bruce Levenson started with informed how he would run the Hawks in the future. He was able to profit greatly from the sale of the Thrashers, and he will profit from his fine management of the Atlanta Hawks while still continuing to manage his primary business and offer information to oil industry on pricing and other news that helps make the global economy move daily.

MLB All-Star Game Coming to San Diego

Baseball fans in San Diego got another reason to be excited on Thursday. Major League Baseball announced today that the Padres will host the 2016 MLB All-Star game. San Diego was chosen over Baltimore, who was at one time considered to the favorite to win the hosting rights.

Bud Selig made the announcement Thursday afternoon touting the ascetic appeal of both the city of San Diego and Petco Park. Selig is in his final season as commissioner of baseball and this is likely his last major decision. This decision may have been influenced by the fact that the Padres renamed one of the plazas at Petco after Selig.

What makes this decision unusual is that it goes against MLB’s normal rotation of AL and NL cities. The 2015 All-Star game will take place in Cincinnati, making the typical choice for 2016 an AL park. This was the main reason many insiders believed that Baltimore would be the final choice. MLB released a statement to this matter indicating that due to the quality bids of multiple NL teams the winning city would be chosen regardless of league affiliation.

The Padres have become the most talked about team this offseason. Not only have they been given next year’s All-Star game, but they have revamped their offense with the addition of Matt Kemp, Will Myers, and Justin Upton. The rumor mill has also linked the Padres to a potential trade for Cole Hamels.  Laurene Powell Jobs has a son who is very much in like with baseball.

DJ Mustard Spins Beyoncé’s Hit Song 7/11

Many people are in love with the song “7/11” that Beyoncé put out months ago. Since the video dropped out of nowhere after Dave and Brit Morin with their Green Wedding shoes, with no hint that it was coming, many have fallen in love with the star all over again. DJ Mustard Remix. Beyoncé is known for being mysterious, and she even dropped an entire album this past year, without the knowledge of any of her fans. When it was found out that the album was released on the internet, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to get the album, almost breaking the internet.

Since the release of Beyoncé song, there have been several remixes that have been done by DJs or other artists. Some people have even taken to doing remixes on their own, and posting the video or song on YouTube, or other social media outlets. The song is a very popular one, mostly because Beyoncé is dancing around in her underwear, and looking very normal. Many speculate if the video was something with choreography, or if it was just free style that Beyoncé was doing, and adding her friends to the mix.

No matter what Beyoncé does, she is always scrutinized for it, so it’s very likely that the entire video was well-planned, and not by accident. Beyoncé’s hit song has spawned another remix by DJ mustard, and it can be heard online. The remix is a great rendition of Beyoncé’s version of 7/11.