Laidlaw & Company: A Traditional Bank in the Globaoo Marketplace

Laidlaw & Company isn’t the sort of bank most consumers are used to. Those banks focus on online accounts, Saturday banking and all the trappings of today’s retail establishments. Laidlaw is an investment bank, and it is one of the older and most prestigious of such institutions. It has been around for 170 years.
An investment bank like Laidlaw & Company serves institutional investors and private individuals who have the wealth to benefit from the strengths of an investment bank. The firm’s goal as revealed by, isn’t to process the vast number of transactions that consumers generate. They help high-end investors access capital markets and profitably invest large sums of money. At Laidlaw & Company, senior bankers place (invest) capital in equity securities such as stocks for private individuals and institutional clients.Capital is also invested in debt securities on behalf of institutional clients. As an investment bank, Laidlaw & Company offers a full range of services. For example, their senior brokerage staff may help a company create a listing on a stock exchange or manage an initial public offering of stock.

When Laidlaw & Company began over a century ago, even large financial institutions on Wall Street often had only a single location in one major city. The twenty-first century investment bank is a different sort of animal. As the world economy has become global, so have investment banks like Laidlaw & Company. Although based in the United States, the firm is now a network of offices spread throughout the United States and Europe.


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George Soros Explains why China is Headed for Economic Trouble

George Soros has been in business for a very long time. His experience has taught him how to study a nation’s economy on to discover weaknesses in its financial system. Soros has been using this principle all of his life and it has made him one of the richest people that has ever existed. So, when a billionaire of George Soros’s magnitude says that an economy is in trouble; people should take the time to listen to his reasons for saying these things.

George Soros is an investor by trade and a businessman. He has been eyeing China’s economy for years. China has the world’s second largest economy and in the not so distant past, it was a growing and productive economic power house. Now, China is in dark territory. While the country is not going to financially collapse and literally come to an end; the nation is headed toward a recession. This recession on will not only impact China it will also harm other nations that are dependent on this economic giant.

China’s problems are many and some of the biggest issues that the nation faces has to do with their housing market, the transition to a consumer driven economy and a huge amount of unpaid debt. The housing market in China on accounts for nearly 20% of the nation’s economy. With housing prices up and fewer people having the means to pay; this puts a strain on the housing industry. Businesses related to the housing industry are suffering as well. As a result more jobs are being loss and financial growth has been slowed down.

A consumer driven economy is something that China wants and needs. For years, China has relied on its manufacturing sector to carry it though. They produce millions of products for different markets all over the world and this had helped to create monetary strength for this nation in the past. Now, China’s factories and manufacturing industries are in serious decline. Millions of workers are being laid off and many of these people no longer have jobs. Since they do not have the money to pay for housing, cars and other goods; it is also having a huge impact on the economy.

China’s debt is also significant. The banks are issuing more loans and they are taking in fewer deposits. This simply means that too many organizations and individuals are defaulting on their loans and as a result there is less money to be used to help fuel China’s economy. George Soros points out that other factors such as capital controls, the Yuan’s valuation and the withdrawal of certain businesses are also negatively impacting the Chinese. George Soros wants people to know that China can turn things around. They are taking the necessary steps to do this right now. However, if the nation does not continue to correct this problem; recession will probably impact the country within a short amount of time.

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Yeonmi Park Speaks Out Confidently

The nation of North Korea remains one of the world’s most secretive societies. Many people living here face all kinds of problems that are usually the result of poor state leadership. This has led to people to do all they can to escape as soon as possible. One person who has gone through the escape process is Yeonmi Park. Park is a native of this isolated nation and someone who spent her formative years right here. Once escaping, Yeonmi has done her best to speak out about conditions in her native land and how they have been detrimental for the needs of most ordinary people living there.
Her Remarkable Courage

It took a great deal of courage for her and her mother to leave North Korea. The borders between North and South Korea as well as the border between North Korea and China are heavily guarded, making it hard for people to leave even if they wish to leave. Some people have questioned her story in some of the details. As a recent story in Reason Magazine reminds us, she has changed some of the details of her story in order to help protect her family members from possible retaliation by authorities who have been known to punish family members for the actions of those who have left this land.

Speaking Out

Speaking out has not always been easy for Park and yet she has. She knows the importance of continuing to draw attention to this part of the world so that pressure can be put on the leaders living there to change the society for the better. She is hopeful that her message will get out to the world and get out to those living in North Korea that escape is possible and that change may also be on the horizon. She knows that she can really make a difference in the lives of those living in the nation in order to help push for a better North Korea. She really intends to keep speaking out using Youtube as platform to people all over the world and to keep telling her amazing story.

Let Handy Do the Spring Cleaning

It’s spring again. That means warmer weather, birds returning, trees budding out with leaves, flowers blooming and, of course, spring cleaning. Go through the house. This is a good time to sort through belongings and get rid of anything and everything that won’t be used or worn again. Donate items to a charity or sell them on eBay.

It’s time to organize all the closets, to remove trash from the basement and garage (making certain to properly dispose of such hazardous items as old cans of paint and motor oil), to scrub kitchen walls with a degreaser, to apply grout sealer between all the bathroom tiles, to dust everything on the shelves, to beat chair and sofa cushions outside, to vacuum beneath the cushions, to wash all windows on the inside and the outside, to polish metal door and window pieces, to dust every surface in the house including the tops of the ceiling fan blades and window shades, to wax and polish tile and vinyl floors, to air out mattresses, pillows and comforters and refresh with baking soda, to scrub any hidden grease in the oven and to wipe away any food in the refrigerator and freezer.

Of course, a truly thorough spring cleaning such as that is a lot of work. It’s exhausting just to think of it. So, many people will simply call up Handy and book a cleaner to come to their house or apartment and perform all the labor for them.

Handy launched in 2012. It’s a service people can book and pay for through a mobile app. Handy has already qualified all the contractor workers, doing extensive background checks so they guarantee home security and satisfaction.

Late last year, Handy’s competitor Homejoy shut its doors and it raised $50 million to double the number of cities where its services are available by the end of this year. 50 percent of Handy’s customers come from referrals, and 85 percent of their customers become repeat buyers. Handy workers also perform other chores such as repairs, moving furniture and shopping.

If somebody has Handy clean for them on a regular weekly basis, they may not even need spring cleaning next March.

The of Role of Helane Morrison in Policing the Complex Financial Industry

Compliance officers are playing an integral role in the corporate world. Most officers based in the United States are confident that their companies value their role. Their opinions are considered when corporate decisions are being made. Helane Morrison has managed to cement a top position in the male-dominated compliance world. She has managed to implement strategies that have helped the better performance of SEC. Morrison has policed the financial sector from her years working as a journalist to a civil servant.

High corruption rates

The international economic crises of 2007/2008 exposed widespread corruption in the financial sector. Respected and reputable financial institutions came down crumbling, and they were forced to seek bailouts from the government. These developments affected the trust that American citizens had on financial institutions. Some of the issues exposed include falsified records, underhand dealing, and high rate of fraud.

Diminishing trust

Currently, people are cautious when investing in the financial industry due to the scandal history and unrest caused by the forthcoming election. The increased inflation and the inability of salaries to support incredible retirement plan and finance higher education have led to the growing popularity of investment. Most people are making their investment decision without consulting financial institution. The institutions should be transparent in all their dealings to regain their popularity. They should organize seminars and promotional campaigns aimed at changing the perceptions of the public. The financial institutions should carry out intensive investment research and address the limited information issues.

Details on Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has managed to penetrate the male dominated compliance and financial industrial and establish a top position. Currently, she works with Hall Capital Partners LLC as a General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director. Morrison sits on the Executive Committee and offers advisory services. Before joining the company in 2007, she worked for United State Securities and Exchange Commission as a regional head from 1999 to 2007.

In her capacity as a Regional Director, Morrison’s duties entailed enforcement of securities, handling both litigation and regulatory issues across five Northwest States and Northern California. Between 1996 and 1999, Helane was the SEC’s enforcement head, and she was operating at the San Francisco offices. Morrison used her talents and law background to represent SEC in litigation matters, business, legal issues, business, news media, government agencies, as well as financial communities. She is a graduate of Northwestern University holding a Journalism degree. Morrison’s effort at the University of California paid off after earning a J.D.

The Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food Flavors From Beneful

The Beneful line of dry dog foods is one of the best in world. Not only are you getting great tastes that your dog will find delicious, but you are also getting healthy ingredients mixed in to each and every flavor.

Beneful wants your dog to be strong and healthy and live a long life. But they know that in order for this to happen, your dog needs to eat the right foods that are made especially for them. When you choose Beneful, you get real meat flavors, real vegetables and whole grains, and real nutrients and vitamins to make your dog healthy and strong.

Many dogs owners like to buy dry dog food for their dogs. If you are wondering which dry dog food to choose from, here are the top five options from Beneful.

1. Playful Life

This dry dog food flavor is full of protein and includes real beef and eggs to keep your dog’s bones and muscles strong. Real blueberries and baby leaf spinach are also added to improve nutrients and vitamins.

2. Incredibites

Purinastore’s Incredibites Beneful Dry Dog Food: is one of the best selling products from this company. You can choose this type of dry dog food in several different flavors. For example, try Incredibites with real chicken or Incredibites with real beef. Both are tasty and healthy, so your dog is sure to love them.

3. Healthy Puppy

It is important to start your dog early with healthy dry dog food. Give your puppy what they want by giving them Healthy Puppy from Beneful. This flavor has real chicken in it that is accented with carrots and peas for maximum nutrition.

4. Healthy Weight

If your dog is overweight or tends to gain weight easily, you may want to choose this flavor of dry dog food because it can help regulate the weight of your pet. It is calorie smart, but it still includes tasty flavors like chicken, apple, peas and carrots.

5. Originals

When you want something that you know will work with your picky dog, just tried the Originals blends from Beneful. Choose from real beef or real chicken for an always great flavor.



House Honors Ricardo Guimarães BMG

Ricardo Guimarães BMG was honored by the house in a ceremonial event which was hosted by Daniel Nepomuceno who had requested for the award to be delivered in an event which was initiated by Léo Bourgeois de Castro, the president of the house.
During the meeting, president Léo Bourgeois de Castro appreciated the marvelous job which was being done by, Ricardo Guimarães BMG who was the Atletico Mineiro President from 2001 to 2006. The MP who was really impressed by the open house put also remembered that the same Ricardo Guimarães was awarded with the Legislative Merit of the Grand Collar in 2004.
Ricardo Guimarães marvelous work was also highlighted by Mr. Fred Costa who had at one time achieved to become among the most renowned business individuals who led to brand loyalty and ethics in addition to supporting a variety of sports such as tennis, volleyball and other national sports.
You can’t fail to mention that back in 2010, Ricardo Guimarães had created Ricardo Soccer BR1 which is an investment fund used in football athletes. In what is considered as the first in the CVM regulated nation, a total of r $ 20 million was invested in purchasing the athletes economical rights who are operating in eight different clubs.
Alberto Pinto Coelho revealed that the crowned homage was deservedly the saga of an important family who was always committed to the development of sports. The house chairman then announced the statute terms before handing it to be honored together with Daniel Nepomuceno who gave Ricardo Guimarães a plate together with Fred Costa.
Ricardo Guimarães revealed that he was really honored to ensure the tradition which was started by his grandfather is maintained during the thank you speech.
For more information, check on the DINO Blog.
About Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães BMG was born in Belo Horizonte. He is son to Flávio Guimarães Pentagna grandfather of Antonio Mourao Guimaraes. He was awarded with the City Council Merit Honor diploma on the 18th of April 2011. Ricardo Guimarães BMG started working in the family business back in 1980. He was working as an office assistant. In 1988, Ricardo Guimarães BMG graduated from the UNA with Bachelor in Business Administration.
Ricardo Guimarães is currently a mining entrepreneur and the president of the Banco BMG. He has been in the family business since 1988. Guimarães connection in the financial sector started with the current president’s grandfather who founded the Land Credit Bank back in 1930.

Prepping for Queens of Drama Season Two

Queens of Drama is a reality series where viewers watch six former soap actresses create, act in and pitch a dramatic television pilot. The cast includes former Knott’s Landing star Donna Mills, One Life to Live’s Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital, Passions star Chrystee Pharris, All My Children’s Lindsay Hartley, and Hunter Tylo of the daytime soap, The Bold and The Beautiful. The group of women come together to write, direct, act in, and produce a dramatic television show, then pitch it to top TV executives.

Episodes aired in 2015 include; I Don’t Do Ugly, Art Imitating Life, Those Little Devils, Dealing With A Sociopath and others. The girls start things off by asking Donna Mills to lead their group, and she accepts only to find later that they resent the way she manages things. Later Mills discovers that the girls think she’s overstepped her bounds by trying to pitch the program to network executives behind their backs, and crash the meeting.

The idea for the reality show came from actress Crystal Hunt, who was previously on the soap One Life to Live. On the show Hunt played sizzling character Stacey Morasco – a stripper who followed her sister Gigi to Llandview from Las Vegas. Stripper Morasco then meets and falls in love with hot character Rex Balsom and starts an intimate relationship with him. The girl is also sleeping with Oliver Fisher and becomes pregnant by him, but pretends that the preferred Rex Balsom, is the baby’s father. Before her plan to secure Balsom prospers, Morasco miscarries the child and falls through an ice covered Llantano Lake.

Hunt had an early interest in photography, and started performing in front of audiences at the age of 2 as a participant in beauty pageants. When she got a little older, she landed her first acting job in the movie Problem Child 2. The young actress portfolio grew with roles in major motion pictures such as The Derby Stallion where she played opposite Zac Efron as his girlfriend. Hunt also secured a role in the movie Sydney White as a side-kick of Amanda Bynes. Other roles the actress portrayed that include her character Lizzie Spaulding on daytime soap Guiding Light. In the later part of 2015, she played the part of Lauren in Magic Mike XXL.

Hunt also works to raise funds for an animal shelter, and is a spokesman for abandoned and neglected animals.  In fact, her work with animals has seen Crystal Hunt gain many Facebook followers.

All The Theories About Recessions May Be True. George Soros Thinks This New Meltdown Has A Lot To Do With China.

Economists know that the 2008 Great Recession on was cause by the subprime mortgage market debacle. The 1970s recession was caused by the rise in oil prices, and the 1920s recession that spilled over to the 1930s was a product of the mass movement of an agricultural based economy moving into an manufacturing-based economy. According to billionaire investor and economic analyst, George Soros many factors come into play when a recession becomes a reality. 

The word “recession” implies lack of growth and, in some cases, complete stagnation when it comes to product growth on Soros believes a global recession is the best way to describe what is happening in a global market that consists of 7 billion people.

George Soros doesn’t throw the term “recession” around just to get attention or to be interviewed. George Soros is concerned about the state of the world’s market, and he has demonstrated his ability to help that market by contributing more than $6 billion over the years to make the world a more democratic and open place. Soros recently told that his Open Society Institute tries to bring the world together not tear it apart. Capitalism is a double-edged sword according to Soros. On one hand, capitalistic countries work together and, on the other hand, they can tear each other apart. 

Brazil and China’s relationship is a good example of that double-edged sword. When commodity prices started to rise in 2012, China got nervous. Their manufacturing-based economy was built on cheap prices and barely passable quality. When raw material prices and labor unrest got together, China’s economy started to stumble, and China cut their Brazilian import orders. Brazil’s economy sank to its lowest level in more than 50 years. Mr. Soros told that what China did to Brazil will be done to other countries in different ways. Soros said Asian countries are feeling China’s pain and weak currency now.

But Soros also said China’s lackluster economic growth isn’t the only reason he is predicting a global recession that could be the worst on record. The European Union is also playing a featured role in the downturn. European Leaders can’t agree on much of anything, so it was no surprise when the refugee crisis torn a large hole in the body of the Union. The open border policy that was the foundation for forming the EU was violated by some members that wanted no part in the plan to resettle migrants. And when the terrorists’ attacks in Germany, France, and Brussels were analyzed, the open borders in all member countries were closed. 

Mr. Soros thinks this new recession is going to change the way countries do business with each other in the future, and he may be right. He usually is.