Susan McGalla – Successful Business Executive

Companies that are diverse have shown a larger percentage of success according to a recent statistic study. They have shown that they are open to new ideas and can perform at a higher level of obedience. It is found that a small percentage of women are in C-level positions within many of these companies. The recent highlight of an article directs their attention towards Susan McGalla, who has helped pave the way for many different types of women leaders. She credits her childhood development and how her parent’s raised her to equalize her strong personality and comfort level while working with men. Her father was a football coach and she grew up with two brothers. As a child, she was not warranted any breaks, and learned to work hard in order to achieve certain things at a very young age. Throughout her career and hardships in life, she learned to carry the same attitude of positivity, which has placed her in the position she is in today.

McGalla worked for American Eagle Outiftters, which she worked her way up as an executive. She founded P3 Executive Consulting and is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Working with a company that employs mostly men, McGalla was able to rise to the top and become a highly valued executive in the industry.

McGalla works with several different women’s networks to help them make connections in the business world. She helps them find and work with different tools and enable strategic opportunities and ideas. Although it is well-known that most executive jobs are held by men, women are scaling the market with their expertise and fueling knowledge. They are learning that they have the support of other women as well, which helps motivate them to continue the drive. There have been many solutions that have been discussed. In particular, there is opportunity to create sponsorship’s. They will be responsible for working with women to help open up and create opportunities within the community. Mentorship and sponsorship will most definitely aid in the key to helping women across the world find success.


Oncotarget is A Leading Oncology Research Source

Cancer research is a subject that is consistently expanding with new discoveries and information from doctors and scientists around the world. Oncotarget makes finding this information all in one place simple and organized.

Established in 2010, Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal with open access. Oncotarget features articles written by physicians and medical scientists that cover all areas of oncology. Their mission is to make fresh scientific findings widely and readily available to physicians and patients alike. Oncotarget’s popularity has steadily increased over the years because of its insightful and constructive peer-review system. Articles can be trusted to provide honest and well-researched information from reputable authors.


Oncotarget was founded by Mikhail Blagosklonny, a former professor of oncology and scientist who studies cancer and aging. While his mission in starting Oncotarget was to make scientific findings about cancer more accessible, his ultimate goal is to end the disease all together. The Oncotarget journal is bringing this ultimate goal just one step closer by including such an extensive collection of oncology information. The journal covers all aspects of oncology from causes of cancer to treatment protocols for cancer. The journal also gives a special focus to newly found therapeutic practices and patient’s quality of life.

Clearly, Oncotarget’s system is working; the journal earned an Impact Factor of 5.168 for the 2016 publication year. Due to Oncotarget’s steady rise in popularity, it has recently expanded to include information on topics such as neuroscience, endocrinology, cardiology and metabolism. Learn more at

Major Medical Crisis at Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis, a common condition, represents all joint diseases or joint pains. There are over 100 forms of arthritis, and a shocking number of 50 million adults in the United States of America suffer from different kinds. This condition is commonly experienced by women, and mostly in aged people. The highest cases of disability are caused by arthritis with osteoarthritis being the most common disease. It is also referred to as a degenerative joint disease, as it involves the degeneration of the soft tissue found between the joints.


When cartilage wears away, the bone rub against each other, thus causing swelling, pain, and stiffness. The joints eventually lose strength as the pain continuously increases. As there is no particular cure for this condition, it is possible to manage the pains. Factors that result in osteoarthritis condition include age, excessive weight, previous injury, and also family history. As stated before, this condition does not have a cure. Therefore, there are strategies that have implemented so as to achieve maximum relief, success, and good health. These strategies involve constant exercise, medical treatments, and also a healthy daily routine.

On the exercise category, it is important to involve oneself in physical activity so as to manage the pain as well as the loss of mobility that could be associated with arthritis. Also, engage in activities that are focused on building the muscles that are located around the joints. On a daily routine, take the initiative to stretch and do some gentle exercise right before getting into bed.


Ensure that you walk for at least for 30 minutes, or more each day. Also, avoid smoking as it increases the damage of the connective tissues, making you weaker. For the medications, speak to your doctor and let them recommend the most appropriate medication for you. This is because medications that provide arthritis pain relief often have side effects when consumed for a long period.


About Osteo Relief Institute


The Osteo Relief Institute doctors aim to assist patients to relieve their pain, reduce swelling & stiffness, as well as to increase the capability of the patients to move up and about. Osteo Relief Institute is invested in the health of their patients’ well-being by providing free introductory screening and evaluate the most suitable treatment.

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Learn How to Trade like A Pro from Greg Secker and Improve Your Quality Of Life

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur and experienced forex trader. He is also an active philanthropist and a sought-after motivational speaker. He is the founding CEO of Learn to Trade, a platform that offers training on stock and forex trading, futures and options as well as technical analysis. Greg Secker also founded SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. He is also associated with Knowledge to Action.

Greg Secker employs a “why not” philosophy. This enables him to get things moving quickly and figure out the details and processes along the way. He graduated in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham. He launched a side hustle selling computers while studying agriculture. This opened up opportunities in the technology space, which culminated in a job at Thomas Cook.

He was then invited to build an online trading platform for the company. He was tasked with converting coveted trade strategies into an online computer system. This opened up the world of forex trading. He was able to understand the intimate details of forex trading strategies. He knew the where, the why and the how. He borrowed a little capital and multiplied it twelve times within a year.

Greg Secker quickly discovered that the key to successful trading was learning how to manage risk, exercise discipline and establish a clear strategy. He made his money in trading and retired. He now shares his passion for trading by educating people and providing practical steps to achieve success in trading.

He is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit that helps him give back to the community. It started as a way to empower the youth with life skills to enable them to secure their financial future. He was recently designated to serve on the Board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. His role is to mobilize support for philanthropy from the larger business community.

He shares his trading knowledge through live seminars and books. He teaches ordinary people how to master trading, select value stocks and reduce risk. He turns young investors into successful entrepreneurs. He is also the founder Global Success Summits, an events company.


Sad News in Indiana this Weekend

We all say crazy stuff sometimes, but not often on public stages. Indiana Lawmaker Jim Lucas recently suggested that women were allowing themselves a higher likelihood to be raped by not carrying guns.


Lucas recently posted a picture on social media of a shirt with a feminism-related sentiment. It read: “fem-i-nism – Woman’s right to carry whatever color or caliber gun she wants to,” a largely insensitive statement towards women. This comes in supplement to previous statements he said about how women without gun carry permits were lowering their defenses to being raped.


The Indiana politician apologized on Saturday, June 10th, in a Facebook post of a handwritten letter apologizing for his insensitive remarks. One excerpt indicated he “learned how common, everyday words can be so extremely sensitive to survivors of such horrible acts.” Such an apology does seem heartfelt, but that does little to remove “put the toothpaste back in the tube,” so to speak.


Indiana has not had the best weekend, with one driver in the state passing away after a concrete mass pummeled through his vehicle’s windshield. The victim, Christopher Vanattenhoven, was driving down a rural road around noon, approximately 20 miles north of Fort Wayne, Indiana.


A vehicle with a trailer holding an unsecured load revved up and passed Vanattenhoven, during which a large piece of concrete fell off the trailer. The late Vanattenhoven attempted to swerve away from the deadly, tumbling chunk of concrete, wrecking into a tree.


Fortunately enough, a young child in the back of Vanattenhoven’s vehicle was uninjured, along with a woman in the front passenger seat. Indiana is almost always an enjoyable place to live, just not this weekend.


Homes Could Be Lost From Indiana Railroad Construction

A very serious situation is developing in South Bend, Indiana. Homeowners in that area are having their homes threatened because a rail line is going to be diverted through their area. There is a planned extension to the South Shore line that will be close to the International Airport in South Bend. The estimated cost for the project is somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 million. One of the primary advantages of building this railroad line is the fact that it will make a trip to the airport 10 minutes faster than it is right now because the route will be more direct. However, the railroad track would need to go through an area that has literally hundreds of houses.

This project was originally going to take place in 2005. Property in the area was bought by the airport in preparation for the start of the project. However, the airport was not able to get all of the money that it needed. Therefore, the project never got underway. Now the money seems to be available. Funding still needs to be approved by the federal government. There is also a project that will build a railway that connects Gary and Michigan City that will cost an estimated $290 million to build.

Members of the community that would be impacted by the railway construction have not revealed what measures they will take to fight the proposed project. There have been other communities around the country that have fought similar projects in court and had mixed results. The government will sometimes impose imminent domain which allows them to essentially buy a person’s home to make way for a road or railway. However, there have been cases where courts have ruled in favor of the residents and prevented a construction project from happening. The project could be delayed significantly if the residents file a lawsuit against the developers. These cases usually take a long time to hammer out in court.

Judge Goff Named to Indiana Supreme Court

When Wabash County Superior Court Judge Christopher Goff sat on his lawn tractor to cut the grass on Saturday, June 10, 2017, he had no idea he would receive a telephone call from the state governor inviting him to take up a seat on the Indiana Supreme Court. Judge Goff described the experience as, “humbling beyond words.” His appointment to the five-member bench makes the court unanimously Republican.


Judge Goff replaces Justice Robert Rucker, who retired at the age of 70 in May 2017. He was five years younger than the state’s mandatory retirement age. Rucker was the lone Democrat until his retirement. One of the greatest jurors in the state, according to Judge Goff, Rucker became only the second black judge to serve on the high court when he was appointed to the bench by Democratic Governor Frank O’Bannon in 1999 .


Judge Christopher M. Goff


While most of the other members of the Indiana Supreme Court grew up in urban or suburban regions of the state, Judge Goff, who springs from a rural working class neighborhood, brings a unique perspective to the state judiciary.


Republican Governor Eric Holcomb appointed Goff to the Wabash County Superior Court in July 2005. Judge Goff was re-elected in 2014. Before serving on the bench, he was a partner at Mills, Northrop & Goff. He had also served as a public defense attorney in Huntington County. He graduated from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 1996 after completing his undergraduate education at Ball State University.


Initially, Judge Goff will sit on the Indiana Supreme Court for four years from 2017 to 2021. To remain on the Superior Court bench, Judge Goff will have to stand for re-election in 2020.


Cotemar and Sipsa as Logistical Leaders

If you haven’t heard of Cotemar, they’re a Mexican owned and operated oil company primarily working in the Gulf of Mexico. As a part of Cotemar’s business, modernizing and commissioning new ventures is a part of daily business. A subsidiary called Sipsa handles these operations. Stated in Spanish, the company’s name is an acronym for Servicios de la Industria Petrolera. The company’s translation to English is “Services of the Petroleum Industry.” Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Sipsa is primarily responsible for the modernization and installation of offshore processing centers. The commissioning of the centers is also handled by Sipsa. Prefabricated materials are often a part of the process and are constructed by Sipsa as well.

As safety and accuracy are absolute necessities to properly carry out the work, the staff of Sipsa is trained using the best possible simulators, on and off worksite courses and top notch instructors. The tools used to complete the job are among the best technology available.

To carry out the work activities quickly and concisely, semi-submersible rigs are the workhorses of the operation. They have the speed and agility to handle nearly any task required at a worksite. The rigs also have the ability to quickly move from one site to another, minimizing losses due to expedience or lost productivity.

Derrick cranes are also used to build and move materials. This helps maximize productivity by being able to quickly assemble prefabricated structures. Being a part of the giant Cotemar gives Sipsa the advantage of having a yard close by on shore. This further helps to reduce lost time and productivity by having an intelligently placed logistical center. Learn more about Cotemar:

Among the highest of considerations in all the activities described is safety. As employees and even the equipment are held to rigorous demands and standards, safety trumps all else.  As Cotemar is a company that handles contracts with Pemex, they must be able to maintain the highest of certifications and safety standards.

Sipsa is certified by ISO 9001, who is a commonly recognized maritime regulatory compliance licensing authority. Cotemar and Sipsa are also required to obey and voluntarily comply with local and any other legal obligations imposed.

Cotemar and Sipsa are logistics marvels. Using the smartest of all resources, including treating employees as the most valuable of assets, they’re making a strong name for themselves in the petroleum industry. The ethical and people-centric policies of Cotemar and all its subsidiaries are examples of what companies worldwide should take notice of.

Colts Say Line Problems are Over

Over the past five years, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the hardest teams in the NFL to predict. In this time period, the Colts have had a moderate level of success behind the leadership of young quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck, who was the first overall pick out of Stanford about five years ago, has shown that he is one of the most talented young players in the league. At the same time, the offense has been led by a talented group of wide receivers and running backs.


While the team has had a lot of talent at the skilled positions, the Colts have still struggled to make the playoffs. Last years, the Colts finished in second place in the division, but once again failed to make it to the post season. One of the bigger weaknesses that the team has had was their offensive line. Over the past five years, Luck has been sacked more times than any other quarterback and the team has also struggled to open up running lanes. While the offensive line has been weak, the Colts are now stating that the team’s offensive line issues are fixed for the next season (


Head coach, Jim Irsay, has stated that the issues that plagued the offensive line last year have been worked on and have been fixed. This is a little bit surprising given the team has yet to meet for preseason practices, which is when most teams are able to evaluate young talent and determine the right lineup and schemes. Overall, the offensive line is expected to be very similar to the lineup that started the prior year. However, one of the biggest challenges that the team had last year were injuries. If the line is able to stay healthy during the long season, it should be able to build a cohesiveness that can help them to learn to play together better. This should help to open up the offense to score even more.


Rare Fish Caught in Indiana

The White River in Indiana was where a species of fish was caught that has not been known to spend a lot of time in the waters of the state. An alligator gar was the fish that surprised the angler who reeled it in. It weighed a total of 55 pounds and was 56 inches in length. This was the first alligator gar to be taken from Indiana waters in a very long time. This is according to information released by marine biologists in the state. There have been examples of the fish that have weighed as much as 300 pounds and been 10 feet long.


The Division of Fish and Wildlife in Indiana could not provide any accurate info regarding how many alligator gars could be living in the state of Indiana. There will be testing performed in the waters where this particular specimen was caught in an attempt to find out if any more of that species are living in the area. There have been no decisions made about regulating the amount of alligator gars that are legally allowed to be harvested by the public. This decision cannot be made until an estimate on the population can be determined.


There was nothing illegal about the way that the alligator gar was caught. All of the regulations of the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife were met. The alligator gar has the reputation of killing many species of fish that are commonly sought by anglers. This is one of the reasons the species has been killed off in many parts of the country. However, certain parts of the country have talked about trying to bring the alligator gar back. This type of restoration program is currently not being considered in the state of Indiana. There was a report three years ago about an alligator gar being caught in Indiana. However, that fish turned out to be a totally different species after it was examined by experts.