Michael Burwell Wins An Executive Position At Willis Towers Watson

Often, successful individuals insist that career is a journey which is filled with ups and downs and only a few with its map make it through. Persistence and hard work are the primary keys to its success. Not long ago, one renowned fellow said and I quote, “work until they start looking for you.” I couldn’t relate to the saying until I dived into Michael Burwell’s career life.


Late last year, Michael was named as the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a celebrated insurance and reinsurance broking specialist. The consultative firm commands a good number around the globe. Michael takes pride in being associated with such a comprehensive platform since the opportunity would be a ground to reach the right amount of people globally. Michael’s appointment came as a replacement of the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay who went on retiring early October 2017.


Burwell always insists that working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers played as a ground to sharpen his experience and skills in the finance sector. Michael served at PwC for 31 years holding various senior positions such as COO, and CFO handling the US transactions.


While addressing the media during the announcement, John Haley, Willis Towers Watson’s CEO commenced by stating that he was excited to have a talented mind brought onboard. According to Haley, the company was undergoing an evolution, and Burwell perfectly matched the empty position owing to his vast knowledge. Also, Haley did not forget to mention Roger’s importance to the firm and assured him that it was left under able hands to move steadily. Michael did not hesitate but to express his gratitude for being given the opportunity to serve such a distinguished insurance firm.


About Michael Burwell


Today, Michael serves as the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson, a position that he enjoys handling. Before, the successful business advisor worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for over three decades. His outward contribution to the company saw him appointed as the head of Detroit’s transactions. Following his success, Michael was promoted to oversee the central U.S. transactions before becoming PwC’s CFO and COO. View Related Info Here.


In early 2012, Michael Burwell was appointed as the company’s vice chairman, a position that provided him with an opportunity to drive the company towards unimaginable heights. When it comes to academic qualification, Michael Burwell takes pride in holding more than what is needed. The talented person went to Michigan State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Also, Burwell holds a certificate in public accounting.


Source: https://www.reinsurancene.ws/willis-towers-watson-hires-cfo-replacement-burwell-pwc/

Indiana May Face Tropical Diseases

In spite of what many people faced in the state of Indiana this last winter, global climate change is affecting the state and the world. Temperatures taken as a whole are continuing to rise, and that is having an impact on the weather.

The weather isn’t the only impact from climate change facing the state of Indiana. According to scientists, the state will have to deal with a host of tropical diseases by the end of the century. Some effects are already being noticed.

As the climate changes, certain factors will occur. Conditions in the state will become wetter overall. There will be more large rain events, and these events will lead to flooding and the increase in areas that are permanently wet and damp.

When an area is wet, humid and warm, this is the breeding ground for mosquitoes that are the vector for a host of tropical diseases. Mosquito populations can be keep in check in areas where the temperature is below five degrees Fahrenheit for several days during the winter. When there are fewer and fewer days below five degrees, the mosquito population will be more healthy.

This is already occurring in some portions of Indiana. In some counties, the mosquito population has risen by 81 percent in recent years.

Scientists believe that diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Zika virus will be on the rise. They are calling on public health officials to begin preparations in case these diseases start to show up in the state.

Pacers Make Big Push Forward

In 2016, the Indiana Pacers were considered one of the more average teams in the league. The Pacers ended up finishing in 7th place in the Eastern Conference and ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs. Then, in the offseason, the team ended up trading away star player Paul George out of fear that the team would end up losing him in free agency in the coming years. Most people expected that this trade would set the team back a few years and that they would not be able to compete. However, the team has continued to surprise a lot of people and has actually looked like they could make a deep playoff run.

The success of the Indiana Pacers continued this past week when they had a shocking big victory over the Golden State Warriors (http://www.nba.com/pacers/rewind-pacers-warriors-180405). Playing in front of a sellout crowd at home, the Pacers looked extremely sharp all game and end up winning the game by a score of 126 to 106. Maybe the most surprising thing about the success that the team had was its scoring.

The Pacers ended up shooting very well from the field. Overall, they made 15 three-point shots, which is among the highest level they have shot all year. The team was once again led by Bogan Bogdanovic and Victor Oladipo, which are two players that have been leading the Pacers all year. The team now looks set to make a major move forward as the final playoff push is here.

Bob Reina: He’s Doing What Is Best For Everyone

Bob Reina likes to do what is best for everyone and by everyone, I mean the customers. He wants to make sure he has created a product that anyone can use and anyone can get enjoyment out of and have fun with for their business. For many people, Talk Fusion is exactly what the doctor ordered for them. They have been unhappy at their job for a very, very long time, and they didn’t feel like there was any way out for them. They felt they were going to be at this job for the rest of their lives, and they would never get a chance to do anything else. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/


Bob Reina came along with Talk Fusion, and he changed everything for them. He changed the way they look at things and he changed the way they look at the world. They can see things from a much more positive and uplifting perspective, which is the best way to live life. It is no fun to be sad, unhappy, and depressed all of the time. That is how many people go through life, and the sad part is they have accepted it as normal. They think the way it is now is how it is always going to be and there is no way out for them. They are stuck with this life.


However, Bob Reina is here to offer them hope and offer them an opportunity with Talk Fusion. The beauty of Talk Fusion is the fact that someone can try it out for free for 30-days and see what it is all about and how it works. They get to try out all of the perks and video applications and see what everyone is talking about and what everyone is raving about when it comes to this product. They see, first-hand, why it has gained so much attention. It is because it is a product that delivers the goods for its customers.


It is not a scam and it is not a get-rich quick scheme. It was something created and founded by Bob Reina to truly change people’s lives.

Plane Collision Kills Two In Indiana

On April 2, two planes at a northeastern Indiana airport collided on the runway, resulting in the deaths of two passengers on the smaller plane.

This horrific crash seems to have resulted from poor communication and/or a lack of coordination among all involved. The smaller plane, a Cessna 150, was attempting to take off as a larger plane, a Cessna 525, was trying to land. The smaller plane clipped the tail of the larger plane as it took off, resulting in the crash of the Cessna 150 and the death of its two occupants. No one in the larger plane was hurt, though the tail of the plane was detached completely.

The Cessna 150 is a small, two-seater plane designed mainly for training. The Cessna 150 is a small passenger plane that holds up to ten people.

The two deceased individuals have been identified as a pair of volunteer firefighters named Kyle Hibst and David Wittkamper

The Federal Aviation Administration has already opened an investigation, which seems proper because these deaths were completely preventable. The investigation will be overseen by the National Transportation Safety Board. One detail that has already been announced is the interesting fact that this airport (Marion Municipal Airport, to be exact) had no control tower! Instead, pilots were expected to communicate with one another by radio and coordinate their activities on the ground. When you realize that, it’s actually a wonder that this didn’t happen sooner.

The investigation is ongoing, and more details are expected in the near future.

Who Will Pacers Play in First Round?

It was a jubilant scene at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse when the Pacers brought home an overtime victory over the competitive Miami Heat squad on March 25, the Pacers had surprised many by guaranteeing themselves a spot in the playoffs this season. The Pacers have been criminally under-appreciated throughout most of the season, flying under the radar. Now, with only a few games to go in the regular season it is time for the Pacers squad to begin turning their attention to their most likely first-round opponents.

Currently, the Pacers lock down the number 5 seed in the Eastern Conference which means if the playoffs begun today they would face the upstart Philadelphia 76ers (who have the same record, but hold the tiebreakers. This seems to be the most likely outcome as both teams have similar strengths of schedule in their remaining games. The 76ers are a young team and fun to watch, but the recent injury to their center Joel Embiid leaves a big hole in the lineup. However, with reports that Embiid could actually make it back in time for the playoffs — the Pacers shouldn’t rest easy.

Another potential opponent is the Cleveland Cavaliers. There is, of course, the best player in the world who suits up for the Cavs — LeBron James. The Cavs have had a roller-coaster season and are still figuring out their roster, however, so the chemistry of the Pacers could give them a puncher’s chance in a potential series.

One thing is for certain: the Pacers should be proud of the regular season they put together. No matter what happens in the playoffs (or who they play) the Pacers can hang their hat on the fact they exceeded expectations by a longshot.

U.S. Steel Is Paying Up For Its Mistake

About a year ago, U.S Steel spilled hexavalent chromium into a tributary of Lake Michigan. As a result of the spill, four beaches were closed in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. A plume of hexavalent chromium drifted close to one of the places where Chicago gets its drinking water, causing the city to spend $75,000 monitoring the situation. Indiana American Water was very concerned about tainted water, so they shut down a well at Ogden Dunes.

U.S. Steel has agreed to do things to make up for their mistakes. They have agreed to pay a civil penalty that is about $600,000.00, revamp their wastewater monitoring system, give $240,500 to the National Park Service and give money to other government agencies.

U.S. Steel is currently being held up to certain standards in an effort to keep future pollution events from happening. By April 15th, they must develop a plan for wastewater management and send it to the IDEM and EPA. By June 15th, they must repair a concrete containment trench.

The spill happened on April 11th, 2017. Soon after, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the EPA inspected the plant and found numerous violations.

According to Paul Labovitz, the Indiana Dunes National Park Superintendent, it is a good thing that the spill didn’t happen during beach season. If it happened during beach season, people would have been bathing in toxic waters.

Hexavalent chromium was made famous by the movie “Erin Brokovich,” a biographical film about a spill.

Celebrating Spring

With temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the state, it might not feel like spring just yet in Indiana – don’t worry, it’s on it’s way. Food Network has amazing Spring Recipes to you get you in the mood for sunshine, flowers, and warmer weather.

From Roasted Shrimp and Orzo to a Sparkling Sidecar, you can get yourself prepared and ready for warmer temperatures. You can start planning now for the upcoming warming trend (hello 60s and 70s) by taking a practice run at making an Easy Rhubarb Crisp or Orange-Glazed Blueberry Scones. Or, think outside the box with a snack of Square Deviled Eggs and Sweet Pea Dip.

When you think of spring, you think of flowers, bright colors, and new life all around. Enjoy all of this with a picnic in one of Indiana’s many parks and enjoy fun new recipes from Food Network, all designed with spring in mind. Catch an Indiana Hoosier’s baseball game (or a minor league team game) while having the classiest tailgate around; enjoy a side of Herbed Snap Peas, an Antipasto Platter (with grilled vegetables), and Beet and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad.

No matter what you are looking for, or what kind of spring celebration you have planned, Food Network’s Spring Entertainment Guide will get you started in the right direction. Your friends and family will be impressed with your culinary skills, and you will be certain you welcomed Spring in with the right kind of pizazz.

Jeff Aronin: The Executive at Paragon Biosciences, LLC

Jeff Aronin is an American entrepreneur who focused on creating a business based on medicine. He founded the Paragon Biosciences, LLC, a medical company which researches and creates treatments for a variety of diseases. He has been working with the company he founded for more than two decades, and through the long years of his service with the Paragon Biosciences, LLC, he has acquired the skills and abilities he needs to lead the developing biotech company. Paragon Biosciences, LLC focuses on researching the potential of biotechnology, and how it can address some of the basic problems of humanity. Jeff Aronin wanted to innovate the healthcare industry in the United States, and through his researches, he believes that more people can be saved from pathogens which pose a great risk to humanity.

Bioscience Leader

Having a background in the study of rare diseases, it is effortless for Jeff Aronin to identify which kind of disease someone acquired basing only on the symptoms they have provided. Because of this incredible ability, he became one of the leading pillars of the bioscience industry. One of the most significant works attributed to Paragon Biosciences, LLC and Jeff Aronin is the development of a medical procedure which would accelerate the results performed in a medical study, like tests. He knew that most patients are anxious, especially when they are told to wait, so he has sped up these processes for them to acquire the information that they are looking for in the least time possible. Products and services provided by Paragon Biosciences, LLC are being approved by the FDA, and they keep on monitoring new products that are being manufactured by the company.

Passionate Head

Jeff Aronin has an extensive history in the field of medicine and healthcare. He has become an executive for several medical companies, and he has given all of what he has got to contribute to the success of these companies. He is also an active philanthropist, and it is reported that Jeff Aronin has been donating a huge sum of money for charities and foundations. This money that he provides correctly came from his pocket, and Jeff Aronin revealed that giving feels good so he has to be constant with it.

Chris Linkas Discusses Need to Save and Invest Early

Most people are well aware that they will need to be able to save and invest a lot of money in order to retire, buy a home, or complete a variety of other long-term financial goals. While most people are aware of how important it is to develop a good investment and savings strategy, many do not consider how important it is to start saving as early as possible. Ideally, you should start saving money and investing as soon as you are working a full-time job. There are many reasons and benefits why starting to invest in safe as early as possible is very beneficial.


Investing Early

One of the main reasons why you should start saving and investing as soon as possible is that you can learn more about investing in the markets. Investing in the markets is a very foreign concept to most novice investors. However, many people who continue to invest overtime will soon be able to identify trends and other investment opportunities. The sooner you start investing as advised by Chris Linkas, the sooner you will be able to start noticing these advantages and trends.

Another reason why you should start to invest in the markets as soon as possible is that you can take advantage of compound interest. This type of interest is the amazing ability for investment interest income to compound on itself over time. Those that are able to start investing at an earlier age will often find that they are able to achieve far more with investments with far less invested than those that wait even 10 years to start investing. This can lead to far greater overall returns for those that are able to follow a sound savings and investment strategy.

For those that are new to investing and would like to achieve their long-term financial goals, speaking with Chris Linkas could be a great idea. He is an experienced investment professional that has helped many people established and meet their long-term financial goals. Chris Linkas will also be able to further explain to you the benefits of starting to save as much as possible at an early age.