Mike Braun Wins Republican Nomination In Indiana

Mike Braun was recently announced as the winner of the Republican nomination in Indiana, he’ll now move on to face off against Senator Joe Donnelly (D) in November. Braun is a businessman and his win stands to prove that maybe President Trump has not been able to satisfy the desire for political outsiders to take over.


Braun both founded and served as the CEO for Meyer Distributing and also owns Meyer Logistics. His business background allowed him to offer employment to thousands of Americans across the country as his companies do serve all 50 states with locations in 38 of them. While Braun has a lengthy and impressive business history, he also has some political experience under his belt. He has served on both his local schoolboard and the state legislature. One of his biggest talking points during his campaign was that he believes the state needs his Hoosier know-how, not another career politician.


Braun faced off against two worthy opponents, Representative Luke Messer and Representative Todd Rokita, both of whom have made a career out of politics. All three of the men pledged to support and uphold the agenda President Trump has laid out, which was a logical move considering President Trump won Indian in 2016 by 19 percentage points. Braun had an extra ace up his sleeve that likely helped him edge out the competition, while he followed President Trump’s popular agenda that took Indiana, Braun also played on the fact that he and President Trump have similar business careers, and both are looking to make some changes and “drain the swamp”.


Now that Braun has won the Republican nomination, he’ll move on to the next round and face off against Donnelly who is a Democrat finishing his first term. Donnelly holds a moderate reputation, and is thought to be one of the most vulnerable people in the Senate who is running for re-election in 2018. Time will tell who will win as these men face off, they have a few months to campaign and work towards their goal before voters head to the polls in November. For more information and details, click here.

Indiana Snakes Suddenly At Risk As Fungal Disease Gains Prominence

In the state of Indiana, most snakes would admit that they don’t have many worries in their day to day lives. Indiana is a balanced, mid-level predator-friendly sort of terrain, and the average legless reptilian is granted safe passage through the prairies and woodlands of this Midwest state. However, the times of idyllic existence in relative peace may be coming to an end for Indiana snakes in the wake of a particularly nasty fungal disease.


Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources has released a rather troubling statement recently, delivering sobering news to reptile enthusiasts everywhere. According to a team of researchers from the University of Illinois, 10 counties in Indiana have procured sample specimens of snakes that tested positive for fungal diseases. Among the affected species named are the milk snake, racer snake, queen snake and northern water snake. Symptoms of this fungal blight include lesions of the scales and intestines, facial swelling and outright death. In one study, 13 of 53 snakes tested positive for this fungal affliction.


Perhaps one of the only upsides to this veritable plague upon reptiles is that disease is not transferable to humans. While this disease is not an immediate threat to humans, it doesn’t bode particularly well for humanity in the long run. Snakes are an irreplaceable part of the ecosystem, as they are predators that keep possible pests such as insects and rodents in check. We need snakes, without a doubt.

The Fight For Campaign Finance Reform Continues For End Citizens United

When the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court made its final decision regarding the landmark case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, there was an aftermath that still exists today. The American political system was not only made non-transparent because of the ruling, but the long-term democracy effects were also seen by End Citizens United as something that should be prevented.

End Citizens United immediately swung into action to overturn the ruling and to do its part to mitigate the repercussions of a decision that it believes was severely flawed.

There were other landmark court cases that required American’s to stand against a narrow segment of the population that believed fairness and balance of power weren’t part of the Nation’s founding principles. Court cases from history such as Dred Scott v. Sandford, Brown v. Board of Education, and Roe v. Wade, show how American democracy sometimes needs to be challenged to bring change, even though the consequences and ramifications of initiating those cases were considered controversial at the time.

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling began from a simple case of non-disclosure that Americans had a right to and the laws demand. End Citizens refused to disclose the responsible parties for a campaign ad, disguised under the premise that it was a movie, that the conservative group wanted to run against then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Based on FEC rules, the funding of the ad needed to be disclosed, which the group refused, when an FEC complaint was filed. Although Clinton was no longer a candidate and Barrack Obama was already sworn in as the 44th President, End Citizens took its case to the Supreme Court. The 5-4 ruling overturned the FEC ruling and transparency in the political process became almost extinct according to politifact.com Justice Stevens dissented on the ruling and said, “A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold.”

The dissent is at the core of End Citizens United’s mission. The ramifications of the ruling are widespread, and there are many professionals in the political process that understand that “new rules” are being established as a result of the court’s decision, which has allowed corporate campaign contributions to infiltrate the system. The unlimited contributions are largely anonymous and put democracy in jeopardy.

The strategy of End Citizens United is to disrupt the political “gaming of the system” by rooting out offenders who continue to circumvent transparency. While overturning the ruling is a priority, End Citizens United has advanced its cause by endorsing candidates who are in favor of campaign finance reform and by supporting them in their efforts as incumbent’s, or challenger’s, in order to break the corrupt cycle.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

Charging Towards The Future With Bob Reina

In 2004, Bob Reina tried to send a video of his new home to his mother but as much as he tried he could not attach it to an email. This set the pioneering leader in the network marketing industry thinking of how to rectify the situation. Together with a tech-savvy colleague, Dr. Jonathan Chen, they found a way of adding video to email and that was the beginning of Talk Fusion spearhead by their flagship invention, Video Email, currently ranked as the world’s first all in one Video marketing solution. The company is charging forward by employing emerging trends, use of innovative video technology, and empowerment of others. Learn more: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/11/bob-reina-ceo-talk-fusion-interview/

Before taking a leap of faith and begin his work with Talk Fusion, Bob Reina was an officer with the Tampa Bay Police and he was introduced to network marketing by a friend in 1990. For a while, he worked part-time but a strong work ethic led him to quit the force and join the business. The biggest challenge he faced was finding a balance between work and personal time, he also needed more time cultivating the business and helping it.

The biggest beneficiary of video marketing is the advertising sector, it has been proven that people are more likely to relate to a video and adverts embedded in emails are more likely to have an impact on the viewer than any other form of communication. This has helped drive Talk Fusion to dizzying heights, and with the introduction of “live” streaming capabilities boosted by the advancement of real-time communications (WebRTC) technology, Bob Reina believes that the gap between the brand and consumer will reduce even further.

Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s, Video Chat the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award and that was not the only award received that year. Since the Video Chat app went live in 2016, the driving force behind it has been revolutionary technology and this has led the cross-communication platform to stay ahead of the pack and as innovations continue to happen, the company is set to go even further.

As more organizations create an online presence, the demand for video advertising is set to rise and Talk Fusion is getting ready by offering new ways to make marketing more relatable by creating videos that are not only unforgettable but also engaging without seeming invasive like bulk marketers, thus avoiding email deletes before being read.

Colts Ready to Welcome Back Andrew Luck

The 2017 NFL Season was not a good one for the Indianapolis Colts. The team ended up finishing with a final record of four wins and 12 losses and finished tied for last place in the division. Furthermore, they saw divisional rival Jacksonville take a big step forward. While the Colts seem like they have fallen far behind their key competition, there is plenty of reason for optimism in the upcoming season.

One of the main reasons why the Colts struggled last year was due to the loss of Andrew Luck, who was out the entire season. During the year, the Colts struggled to gain any traction on the offensive side of the ball and ended up scoring around 16 points per game, which was among the worst in the league.

As the 2018 season approaches, it now appears that Luck could be around for the start of the season (http://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/healing-luck-already-making-his-mark-on-colts-offense/article_5d005304-588b-11e8-badd-9745eff2bbad.html). Several months ago there was fear that he could end up missing the start of this season, but he is already preparing to play in the preseason.

Once Luck is on the field, he should have an immediate impact on the team. When he has been on the field Luck has continued to look like one of the top quarterbacks in the league. This year, he will have further protection help from first round draft pick Quenton Nelson, who is out of Notre Dame. Nelson was highly regarded as one of the top players in the draft and is considered a great deal at the Colt’s pick.

A Special Program In Indian Women’s Prison Allows Prisoners To Bond With Newborns

When people are incarcerated, they are usually torn apart from their families. This could not be any truer for women. Most of the women who are incarcerated in the United States are mothers. Most of the time, the criminal justice system does not compensate, or does not do enough to compensate for, the damage that is done to families when parents are incarcerated.



With this in mind, it is refreshing to hear that in Indianapolis, Indiana Women’s Prison is running a program to keep incarcerated mothers close to their newborn babies. The program is called Wee Ones. Started in 2008, it allows incarcerated mothers to care for their newborns in a safe atmosphere. It is funded by donations. Regrettably, it is one out of only eight prison nurseries in the United States.


Mothers and babies are housed in a dormitory that is separate from the rest of the prisoners. Instead of having a bunk for for two prisoners, each room has a bed for a mother and a crib.



The criteria for getting into this program are strict. Women must have no violence on their records, and they must be low-level offenders. Their sentences must be short enough to the point where they are getting out by the time their children turn two. If any woman misbehaves, she will be kicked out of the program.



Providing a prison nursery gives women the opportunity to bond with their babies during a crucial period of growth. It also gives incarcerated women an environment where they can get their lives back on track. Women who participate in prison nurseries are half as likely to re-offend. Some people might question the positivity of letting a baby “live in a prison.” It is not bad to let babies “live in a prison” because they are taken care of very well, exposed to a clean environment and are close their mothers.

Nick Vertucci, The Real Estate Investment Guru

Recently, Nick Vertucci released his new book, Seven Figure Decisions, a guide and a memoir. In his book, Nick shares in detail his challenges and his ideologies associated with real estate investment. He also gives an account of how he lost all he had and learned to overcome his fears, change his mindset and applied these principles to acquire entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. Vertucci emphasizes his core idea that “You don’t strike it rich by playing it safe.” Having this idea in mind, he defines the critical decisions you can make to move from middle-class level to a millionaire.

Printed by Lioncrest Publishing, the “Seven Figure Decisions” outlines the most significant attributes of his success, especially finding the lessons Nick learned and how he also implemented change to amend his past mistakes. He also explains the fundamental steps that form his life-changing attitude that empowered him to build a strong and a more sustainable company and find financial freedom. This book has received support from Kevin Harrington, a business executive, and entrepreneurship. Harrington is one of the original “sharks” found on “Shark Tank” and also the creator of “As Seen on TV.” The Seven Figure Decisions has outstanding readers’ reviews, which identify the book as inspiring and motivating.

Nick Vertucci is a professional real estate businessman, and the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies based in Irvine, California. He is a passionate entrepreneur who understands that being alive can be quite overwhelming at times. Nick knows that privilege seems elusive to a lot of people, which is the reason he has dedicated his entire career to guiding individuals who have great objectives and ambitions. This real estate investment professional will do anything and everything possible to mentor people who want to grow into heights.

A talent for real estate investments can be a beautiful thing. Real estate investment has transformed the lives of countless people throughout the years. Nick is an excellent example of an individual who knows how to invest in real estate correctly. As a result, Vertucci decided to start Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, an institution that entirely focuses on investments in real estates. This academy is in Santa Ana, California and it has been in operation since 2013. This institution offers students access to a meaningful educational plan that can train them everything about real estate investments in this era. The program accommodates students from different regions of the United States.

“You Get A Fish! You Get A Fish!! Look Under Your Seats, Everyone Gets A Fish!”

In the fleeting, easily distracted scope of the national public eye, sometimes states like Indiana get overlooked. The Midwest state may lack the iconic landmarks of New York and California, but Indiana comes through in the clutch with enjoyably practical events on a steady basis. One of these days is finally upon us, one of only four in a year.


Free Fishing Day has finally arrived.


On May 19th, 2018, fisher-persons from all around the globe (but actually only residents of Indiana) will have the opportunity to take their bounty of the sea, their just due in maritime form. This particular Free Fishing Day is particularly convenient, being that the affable conditions of summer will facilitate a wealth of boat-to-barbecue cookouts. Fishing licenses and trout stamps will become moot point on the 19th, and authorities anticipate the air along riverbanks statewide to sing with the sounds of game being wrangled. Always careful to keep the celebrations from getting excessively exuberant, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources released this statement to the public:


“People interested in attending a Free Fishing Day event should contact the host property in advance because some activities require registration.”


As with any Free Fishing Day, adventure seekers on the 19th are expected to fish with gusto but also caution and respect. And as with any day in general, children aged 17 and under are fishing for free.

Indiana Faces Uncertain Future As Possible Climate Change Looms

Mother Earth is a fickle sort of maternal figure, one that would just as soon yell at the Principal on a child’s behalf as she’d hurl a slipper at said child. Recent predictions from weather services in Indiana bode well for the states expansive forest areas but cast a shadow of uncertainty over the seasons.

Purdue University has been engaged in a prolonged study known as the Indiana Climate Change Impact Assessment. Recently, the prestigious university has released a dossier that bears warnings of droughts during the summer and flooding during the spring. Discovery of this possible see-saw of climate arrived through painstaking effort by staff at Purdue and a coalition of several other Indiana schools. Even the U.S. Forest Service has gotten in this study, making the news of this ambiguous fate a truly collaborative effort.

Jeffrey Dukes is a director at yet another prestigious component of the study, the Climate Change Research Center. In a statement given to Indiana Business Journal, Dukes gave some straightforward advice to the population at large:

“In order to maintain these resources and preserve them for future generations, we have to understand the potential effects of climate change and act on them now.”

The phrase “potential effects” seems benign when taken at face value. However, the assessment highlights repercussions of seemingly positive by-products of climate change, such as the increases in precipitation throughout the seasons leading to erosion and soil deterioration.

Romeo Langford’s Father’s Relationship with Nike Raises Suspicion

The explosive scandal that rocked college basketball a few months ago has now reached hometown Indiana University.


According to a Tuesday report in the Washington Post, Indiana commit Romeo Langford may be thrust into the controversy. The story detailed how Langford’s father, Tim Langford, ran an AAU program funded by athletics apparel giant Adidas. Former Louisville coach Rick Pitino claims that Adidas funded the program in an effort to keep close ties with Tim’s son. Romeo went on to become a 2018 McDonald’s All-American and a top-five recruit in this year’s class.


Whether or not this relationship between Adidas and the AAU program, Twenty Two Vision, was illegal remains unclear at this point. Sponsoring an AAU team is not inherently against NCAA eligibility rules. However, the suspicion of improper benefits is there based on the obvious fact that Indiana is an Adidas school and Romeo chose to commit to an Adidas school after the company invested in his father’s AAU program. Leading into his decision day, Romeo had narrowed it down to Indiana, Vanderbilt, and Kansas. Of the three schools, both Indiana and Kansas are sponsored by Adidas, while Vanderbilt is a Nike school.


Until the developing story of the recruiting improprieties fully shakes out, it will be impossible to know what schools will come out of the scandal clean. Until then, it is best for players, and fans, to let the investigation develop and not push the panic button.