Isabel Dos Santos is a Role Model to Young Women

Isabel Dos Santos, 42, is the first child of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. She has been involved in various investments that led Forbes to rank her as the most powerful woman in Africa. Her net worth is currently over $3.5 billion. This makes her the first and leading female billionaire of the country.

Isabel Dos Santos was an alumnus of King’s College. She studied engineering. Upon graduating, she established a restaurant known as Miami Beach. It was the first beach restaurant in Luanda. That was the beginning of her entrepreneurial career. She has since become a board member of several high-profile companies, particularly in Angola. Isabel owns controlling shares at Unitel. She also holds significant shares at Banco BPI and ZON Multimedia.

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Isabel Dos Santos first worked for a recycling firm before starting a truck business. The outset of the use of walkie-talkie helped her to join the telecommunications industry. She also served as Urbana 2000’s project manager before expanding her business interests. Over the years, she established several businesses. She also made significant investments in high-profile enterprises.

Isabel Dos Santos faced significant challenges while advancing her career in male-dominated fields. She was marginalized in her quest for new executive roles. As such, she has been helping women to overcome barriers to their jobs. She understands that by mentoring women, they will be encouraged to empower their families and grow the economy of the continent. Dos Santos adds that successful women of Africa should take up the challenge too.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that her continent’s transformation is dependable on empowering women to join the business world. She also adds that Africa harbors many potential entrepreneurs. However, they have been marginalized. Dos Santos reiterates that it’s sad how such business professionals are treated with contempt as this prevents them from uncovering their potential to succeed in business. To empower such individuals, she implores them to pursue their studies. She also asks them to apply for c-executive positions in the job market. Isabel knows that it’s important to create employment opportunities for young business professionals. The success of these women will influence their state’s economic positioning.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada Is The Innovator Behind R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is recognized for being the youngest General Manager for L’Oreal across the entire corporation as part of the Professional Products Division. Dan has been with L’Oreal for near two decades now, and he took up his position as DMI General Manager at the start of 2015. Dan’s ability to innovate as well as his vast marketing experience were key factors in the decision to make him General Manager and he is currently overseeing the companies entire strategy for worldwide branding. As a leader, Dan is responsible for a large team to handle various digital strategies and the development of R.A.W.

A good leader needs to be able to make good decisions for the company, but it is also important to be a good team leader and builder. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has an excellent track record for training talented candidates to work with the L’Oreal corporation. HIs ambitious and determined behavior is represented of his own success as well as the success of the team members he is responsible for throughout the company.

Dan was born in Venezuela, but he has spent many years traveling around the world even as a kid, which allowed him to build perspective about what he wanted to do in life. While he was still a teenager, Dan was able to join a program to study abroad and learn about international relations as well as intercultural business opportunities. Dan wanted to find his opportunity, and after graduating in 2002 from the ESSEC Business School with a Master’s in Business Administration, he started working for the L’Oreal corporation. In just a single year, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved up to a management position, and his talent and determination have brought him higher levels of success at the company over the years.

Social media has brought R.A.W. a lot of attention, especially through Instagram, which is why Dan is interested to see where social media marketing goes in the not too distant future. The money and sales that are driven through social media alone are staggering, which means the limits are endless for any company that can utilize the platform to market correctly to the appropriate audiences.

Meet Smita Shah, President And CEO of SPAAN Tech Inc

Smita has considered herself to be somewhat of a “geek” ever since she was young. She spent more time doing math in school than she did taking up extracurricular activities or commonly fun classes for most students like gym. In Smita’s case, it wasn’t a fruitful effort either, because she is an expert when it comes to solving equations and engineering problems in her job today. After earning her civil and environmental engineering degree from MIT, Smita went on to found her first company just after in 1998.


At just 24 years old, Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, a company specialized in engineering and construction management, dealing with both public and private sector projects. However, they are typically in the market for infrastructure projects in aviation and transportation. SPAAN Tech also offers program management services to help other businesses plan, control, staff, and organize to remain within the financial limits to gain optimal results.


Recognition has come to Smita Shah in many different forms, including a variety of awards over the years for her accomplishments in business, engineering, and construction. She was a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, she’s been added to the list of Chicago’s 40-under-40, she has earned the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the American Consulting Engineers Council name her National Community Leader of the Year in 2011.


Throughout her career, Smita has worked hard to become an accomplished professional, and today she is an influential leader in business and many other industries. She has become a regular and sought after keynote speaker throughout the media around the world for her insight and expertise, sharing her expertise to the younger generations. Learn more:


SPAAN Tech has been named as one of the fastest growing companies for a time, and Smita has been able to tackle even the most difficult engineering and construction projects that have come her way. Many leading organizations consult with Smita on a regular basis, and she has even taken up a place on various company boards, including the Chicago Plan Commission and the Board of Trustees at the Museum of Science and Industry. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

Betterworks Incredible Contribution

Betterworks is software for aligning, developing and activating a company’s workforce to enhance its growth. It increases the transformation of interactions between employees and their managers. Through this software, employers can fix traditional review processes and replace them with modern, Consistent Performance Management.

The company has recently announced its intention to expand the series B investment for Betterworks. The main goal of this innovation is to sustain the rate of products novelty as well as to advance sales drive in entrepreneurial organizations.

Customers mostly rely on continuous performance program on Betterworks. This is because, through this software, employees are allowed to feel a great connection with the work they are doing and how it leads to the achievement of essential goals set. Employers are also given a chance to offer a hand in the certified development of their employees as well as supporting them in achieving their purposes.

Continuous Performance Program helps employees to improve on their work. The program allows them to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the firm quickly. It frequently makes communication and in a simplified way. Through the frequent feedbacks, made employees can remain on track and stay motivated.

Betterworks provide a unique way for companies to practice Continuous Performance Management. This is through coordination with Objectives and Key Results. Through this employee get a sense of belongingness because they are allowed to take part in crucial talks and feedbacks are given to them. Employees get a feeling of recognition and better their activities due to the motivation they get. Betterworks support OKR as it is a crucial way in which both personal and company goals can be set and achieved.

OSI Food Solutions and Tweaks

OSI Food Solutions is the moniker of a company that’s on the fast track right now. It’s among the globe’s biggest food item vendors of the moment. It currently is in charge of 65 plus centers that are in 17 distinct nations everywhere. It has 20,000 plus team members on its side as well. OSI Food Solutions is classified as being among the United States’ biggest firms that are private. The business’ gives food service entities collaborators that are widely known, dependable and powerful all at the same exact time. Although OSI Food Solutions is without a doubt a powerhouse presently, things were different in the past.

The firm was established all the way back in 1909. It started out as a little meat seller that was tucked away in idyllic Oak Park in Illinois. Oak Park then was a community that was far from bustling. OSI Food Solutions operates in the Midwest to this day. Otto Kolschowsky is the individual who established OSI Food Solutions in the 1900s. It was called Otto & Sons toward the end of the twenties. OSI has a fresh sector in its primary setting in Aurora in Illinois. It put together this sector in 2011. It’s referred to as “Culinary Innovation Center.” Breakthroughs in the culinary realm are all in a day’s work for the tireless professionals who represent OSI and its actions.

People are familiar with OSI and with its work matters in all different parts of the United States. That’s not to say that the company doesn’t team up with entities in nations all throughout the globe. It has a poultry division that does a lot in East Asia in the sizable nation of China. It even takes care of poultry concepts on the European continent. OSI has done a lot to merge with all kinds of widely known businesses. It has joined forces with a company that’s called Baho Food. Baho Food hails from the Western European nation of the Netherlands. It’s a firm that puts together all sorts of options in meats that are seen in delicatessens. It puts together all kinds of treats.

Rebel Wilson: Look How Far She’s Come

It’s amazing how far an actor or actress can come in a short amount of time. With Rebel Wilson, before she moved to the United States, she spent a lot of time in Australia preparing for her move to the States. Everything she went through prepared her for the big move to the States in 2010.

When she was a young girl, she was incredibly shy, painfully shy as a matter of fact. She thought she had some kind of condition. Since her mother noticed this, she made sure to send her to a community acting class. She dropped her off and told her she would pick her up in two hours.

This is the same Rebel Wilson that is crushing it, to use her term, in Hollywood today. When she was 15, she had learned that an individual’s character is developed by that age. As soon as she heard this, she wanted to do something about it and make sure she was going to speak up, be herself, and be heard. She took some debate classes, which helped her out a ton.

Another thing that really helped her out was joining the Tournament of Minds, a creative competition in Australia. She joined at the urging of her high school drama teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker. It goes to show everyone that they never know who might end up influencing them at some point. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

This competition really helped her work on improvising, which has become a Rebel Wilson trademark. She doesn’t mean any disrespect to the talented screenwriters that she is working with; it is just that she can read a line and come up with a clever way to deliver it and bring it to life.

She is always looking for more out of herself and the scripts she receives. Rebel Wilson is even getting more offers for dramatic roles these days, which is something that excites her quite a bit.

She has talked in the past about Robin Williams being a big influence on her in the way he would do comedic roles and dramatic roles with the same relative ease. Rebel Wilson has that intensity that would work quite well in dramatic roles.

It just needs to make sense for her and the right part needs to fall into her lap. With her becoming a producer, it is quite possible she might start producing and directing some roles for herself in the future. The world is at her feet right now.

She had a lot of helpful experience in Australia and now she has come onto the American acting scene with great force. She was recently the headliner in the film, Isn’t It Romantic, which was a huge honor.

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Wealth protection tips for a market crash from Ted Bauman

As an investor, once you start thinking about the future of stock markets, you may chill going down your spine. This is because there has been a lot of speculation of late that the market may be crashing soon. Ted Bauman, an experienced financial editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, advises against panicking in the face of this uncertainty. This financial editor joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and has been mainly focusing his publications on asset protection and low-risk investment strategies. He is currently the editor of the Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. Recently, this editor shared his market crash wealth protection tips to help investors make the right moves in these uncertain times.

Embracing asset protection

Ted Bauman advised investors to embrace asset protection rather than panic to protect their wealth. He pointed out that an investor who does not come up with a protection plan for their wealth are bound to lose it in case of a market crash. The best plan to protect your assets is having a protective barrier around your investment portfolio. The Banyan Hill Publishing editor mentioned that eliminating risky ventures from your investment portfolio goes a long way in creating a protective barrier around your wealth. He added that this is a technique that most successful investors use when the market uncertainties get to unpredictable levels. Ted Bauman said that this tip would cushion an investment portfolio well enough to survive a market crash. To know more about him click here.

Investment protection through bonds and stocks

Another way an investor can protect their investment according to this Banyan Hill Publishing editor is through bonds and stocks. He pointed out that these uncertain times require an investor to carefully and skillfully invest in both stocks and bonds. Bonds have low returns on investments but are less susceptible to falling victim to a market crash. On the other hand, stocks have better returns on investments but are riskier. Ted Bauman said that since the market crash cannot be pinpointed, it is wise to invest in both bonds and stocks to be on the safe side whether it occurs or not.

Sheldon Lavin Must Be Aware of Industry Trends

Sheldon Lavin is a key leader of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin and other individuals have been expanding their footprint in China. One factor that people have been worried about is that of the trade war between China the United States. Sheldon Lavin and other competent executives understand the nuances between US and China and how it will increase costs and potentially minimize revenues. As such, Sheldon Lavin must investigate finances and construct defenses to ensure that there isn’t any issues moving forward. We are already seeing issues in other industries where the trade war has affected industries, one of them has been that of footwear. More Than 70 Percent of American Footwear is Made in China.

The list released by the White House includes items that could be hit with 25 percent tariffs. Among other items, this also includes sneakers, casual sandals, golf shoes, and ski shoes, as well as footwear of all kind. A few decades ago, all of this would have not meant anything at all. But in today’s day and age where the American footwear industry is largely dependent on China, this could have very significant ramifications. As noted by CNBC, China is the largest supplier for footwear to the US. The country provided around 72 percent of all footwear that was imported by the US in 2017.

According to experts, while production has been moved to other countries by large companies, they are still using China as their primary or secondary location for footwear. This is mostly due to the country’s existing infrastructure of production and delivery mechanisms, as well as preset delivery channels which have been used by American companies time and again. This trust factor has not let American footwear companies pull out of China completely. For which, they may now need to pay a price. While the top two footwear companies in the US, Nike and Adidas, are trying to move away from China and setup their operations in countries such as Vietnam, they have not commented to news sources what they feel about the current update on tariff prices.

LumeN XT announces Marc Beer Chairman of the Board

LumeN XT has named Mr. Marc as the new chairperson of this entity. In its basic operations, this firm deal with the development of the surgical illumination items that are used in the slight invasive surgical operations. Marc has a wide-ranging experience that extends for more than 25 years in the field of biotechnology. To this end, he is well versed when it comes to commercialization and development of surgical tools.


According to a proxy statement that was released by Mr. Marc, he expressed his gratitude to the team lumeNTX following its commitment to the provision of incomparable services in the market. However, he is positive that this success would not be attained without the devotion and willingness of the other engineers and other medical practitioners. Boiled down, these stakeholders have worked tirelessly to ensure that the surgical devices are advanced to reach greater heights while on the same note, ensuring that they are safe than anything else that was in use before. This implies that the development and improvement of illumination tools will continue to develop, and the performance of the lesser invasive surgical processes will be at its best.


His Experiences


Before he established lumeNTX, Mr. Beer served as the co-founder of the chairperson of the Minerva, which is a neuroscience Inc. In its primary operation, this firm deals with the development of neurosurgical devices. That are used to handle the central nervous system issues. He has also worked with other firms where he was responsible for the control and management of chronic diseases. To this end, he has been able to establish and support various medical institutions dealing with such issues. For instance, during his 11th year of work, Beer was able to guide the establishment of surgical tools that can help to establish issues affecting the women in their pelvic floor. During his last tenure with the Canadian Coloplast, he basically focused on the cross-functional synergies, custom integrated measures and the general strategies of this unit.


His Philanthropic Initiatives


Notably, Mr. Beer is among some of the most devoted leaders when it comes to giving back to the community he serves. As such, he uses the best part of his ability and expertise to help the community. His devotion and willingness to reach out the disadvantaged in the community has placed him in the various organization where he helps to show the way as the rest of the members’ step in to support his initiatives. However, this can be said to be the tip of the iceberg. This is because he has helped many individuals to deal with some of the most challenging ailments and on the same note, he has other initiatives that are meant to reach out to a significant number of clients how are in need of health services. Learn more:

Sergey Petrossov on Deep Work

Sergey Petrossov Pays Attention

One of the main aspects of life is to pay attention to. This is becoming more difficult with the advent of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, endless messaging applications, and other seemingly more fun applications that slowly eat away at your time. But as people like Sergey Petrossov realize these things can certainly take away from your productivity and rob of you of a more meaningful life. As such, Sergey Petrossov takes great care to orient his days in a manner that will bring significant value and will help to change the lives of consumers and the supply side as well.

But Sergey Petrossov had to start from somewhere. He had to make certain that he was using his time in a correct manner. As such, Sergey Petrossov has learned a few key lessons in starting and progressing forward in life.

The First Lesson

Break a problem down in an efficient manner. Most people do not know how to break a problem down and do so in such a manner where it will add significant value to the problem set and to those that would help.

The Second Lesson

After breaking a problem down, take action. Many people do not take action, they simply plan and strategize and forget the most important thing, to continue to take action. As such, people like Sergey Petrossov focus on the need for continuous logical action. They take specific concrete action that will help them to accomplish their goals each and every single day. They know that it isn’t just about getting motivated, it is about taking rational action that will move the needle forward. It is not about what you think or what you feel but what you do on a regular basis and what that yields, in return, that matters.

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