The Retired Veteran James Reese- Successful CEO of Tigerswan

“james reese tigerswan” “james reese tigerswan”James Reese Biography

James Reese served for 25 years in the US Army. He retired from the army in 2007. His position was the combat leader, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. Having this experience he has learned the following leadership lessons: 1. Be a good listener.2. Accept the change and be a loyal follower.

Reese’s Business

James Reese is now a CEO of a small business, called TigerSwan, serviced and disabled veteran-owned. Because of his background, he has embraced a new form of mentality. He understands that it is his responsibility to be accountable for caring a burden of the workers who have bills, children, and college students. At the same time, he feels great to have the freedom of being able to form something that grows well.

Running a Business

It is a struggle for many veterans to adopt new economic opportunities. Reese himself is 80% disables veteran. He was motivated to start his own business. James Reese and his colleague decided to start the business using their capital. They were selected by the SDVOSB for a major defense contractor. His company, TigerSwan is majorly owned by disabled veterans. His major focus was to provide job opportunities for veterans like himself.

Growing The Tigerswan Business

James Reese took the profit of his investment and reinvested into a sharp and motivated mind type of people to improve the growth of the business. When he was in the military he did not have to select high performers or worry about his bills as it was all taken care of by the military for him. He just had to lead. Now, in his own business, Tigerswan, he faced a challenge of having to select the best workers, which means he would have to pay them more. He had to take budget into consideration as he hired as well as finding good employees. And this is the strategic part of a business. For other positions he would keep an eye on talented workers as well as entry-level experienced, he would then develop them into leaders. Developing and training people is difficult but Reese finds it very enjoyable.

Tigerswan Effective Workforce

Reese finds himself being a servant leader for he has served. He feels great to help others by developing their skills and helping them reach further than they have been, being veterans. His is business structured to allow their people to make mistakes to learn from them. They also do not micromanage but expect the top effort of each employee. Reese says that working at Tigerswan is not for everyone, he wants high performers. Reese is happy with his team. He is very proud of having Former Military Law-Enforcement personnel in his company.

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Paul Mampilly- A Professional Stock Exchange Adviser

Paul Mampilly is a Chief Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the founder of Profit Unlimited Newsletter, a guide to stock market subscription. Paul is also a co-manager to True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. He focuses on helping Main Street American to grow their investment using technological advancement and to utilize any investment opportunity. He has worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust and as an analyst in the Deutsche Bank Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly has also served in different posts in different financial management service providers. Among these are co-Portfolio Manager and management team at Kinetics Assets Management, the author, editor, and publisher at the Capuchin Group, the Money manager at the private banks in Swiss and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Visit on his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Paul Mampilly is an American and a Fordham University graduate. He is a renowned World finance professional. After his graduation in 1991, he worked in Bankers Trust as a financial manager. He has proved to be the best financial investor as he won a competitive award presided by the Templeton Foundation. He has unmatched passion in stock market investment. Like a Hedge Fund consultant and Financial Advisor, Mampilly used to interact with several customers who have helped him grow in his business. He is a stock exchange marketer who advises his customers to buy shares for more years.

Paul Mampilly is a successful manager. While at Kinetics Asset Management; he managed to make the company realize its growth of more than triple the amount when he joined. He also writes newsletters on the Profits Unlimited. He has turned his business to artificial intelligence. He believes that with technological advancement, companies that use artificial intelligence have more advantages over others. Mampilly has released a video that teaches about artificial intelligence, the data that it generates and steps on how to sign up, and its application to the real world of business. He also explains how artificial intelligence work as security to their businesses.

Paul has played a significant role in helping investors achieve their goals and objective. He is a notable figure in the world of business. Visit:

What makes Mauricio Mendonca Godoy Unique

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is known for his success story. He has crucial leadership skills that make him an accomplished individual. He is the CEO of Estaleiors do Brasil Ltda and has led the company to success. The oil and gas company were struggling, but when he joined, he changed the fortune of the company by introducing strategies to get it at the realm of success. He attended the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He wanted to sharpen his managerial skills and joined Harvard Business School. His creativity and authenticity have enabled him to climb the corporate ladder.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is unapologetic about decisions he has made to reach where he is today. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is described by colleagues as a dedicated person. He puts in the effort and time to accomplish tasks. He is also a team player who believes in working with others to accomplish set goals. He reveals that accommodating other people’s ideas have helped him to find alternative solutions to existing problems. He advises people in leadership positions to work with others to improve themselves. Maurício Mendonça Godoy is not threatened by new entrants in the company. On the contrary, he guides them on how to achieve set objectives and advance their careers. He has shown commitment towards his work, which makes him an impeccable leader. He has vast experience in the oil and gas industry, which make him suitable for the position.

He has worked in mining, construction and project engineering over the years. He believes flexibility is important if you want to achieve greatness. When he was starting his career, he did not have many options and took what was available. Working with experts in the industry moulded him into a sharp leader. He advices young people to choose careers wisely. Mauricio Mendonca Godoy says that he has witnessed many people who wish they chose a different career path. To avoid regrets, he urges people to take time to understand why they want to venture into certain fields. He also urges them to be patient when developing their careers. Willingness to learn will take you far, he says.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy – A Leader Like No Other

If you ask one of Brazil’s most successful business leaders, throughout their career, what is the most important lesson they’ve learned? Maurício Mendonça Godoy, President of EBR, would respond that he learned asking the correct questions leads to making the correct decisions. This has led Godoy to successfully hold high positions or head several companies including EBR, Toyo Setal, and Estaleiros do Brasil Ltd. Maurício Mendonça Godoy graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 1977 and 1981. Afterwards, he successfully joined the world of oil and energy industry. Here, he would cultivate his expertise and bravery in business that would allow him to navigate a secession of success. Maurício Mendonça Godoy has lead by example and contributing knowledge, know-how, and professionalism to his employees.

This has permitted his team to work on many tasks simultaneously and, most important of all, methodically. Godoy’s team develops confidence in his leadership, their role in the company, as well as the company’s ability to continue succeeding. These key factors transforms a company from an average business into an exceptional one. Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes in treating everyone equally. This is evident inside and outside the workplace. This boosts the moral of the workforce and contributes to more loyal employees. Better workplace moral translates into better production and efficiency. This ultimately converts to breaking with tradition and getting profits hand over fist.

Godoy felt that the orthodox way proved extensive in human resources, substandard dissemination of information, and adjustments to scope challenging. Godoy employees work constantly to improve on previous methods they have implement to accomplish goals for clients. He has used this wealth of knowledge over the years to accumulate the diverse workforce needed to complete projects like that of the award-winning Petrobras project at the EBR shipyard. Only with his unique skill set and vision could EBR have achieved this. Needless to say, Godoy’s passion, vision, and compassion for his workers all creates the legacy he has built over the decades. His is truly one of the few great business leaders of today’s time.

The Top Ten EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS lip balm is the top selling lip balm company. This lip balm is proven to leave your lips looking and feeling healthy and beautiful. Immediately, critics were raving about this lip balm, and the company has been thriving since.

They sold about a million units in their first year, but they are now averaging selling a million units per week. People are obsessed with the cute and trendy lip balm. The containers are far different from the typical cylindrical tubes.

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The top ten EOS Lip Balm Flavors are:

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3. EOS Medicated Lip Balm – Cooling Chamomile

4. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm – Honey Apple

5. EOS Active Lip Balm – Lemon Twist

6. EOS Organic Lip Balm Stick – Vanilla Bean

7. EOS Active Lip Balm – Aloe Vera

8. EOS Shimmer Lip Balm – Coral

9. EOS Lip Balm Stick – Sweet Mint

10. EOS Crystal Lip Balm – Vanilla Orchid

Orthopedic Doctor Ira Kirschenbaum

 Orthopedic medicine has provided solutions to medical problems for many years before it even got its name that we know it as today. Orthopedic medicine has to do with correcting bones, muscles, and restoring physical function to the musculoskeletal system.

The orthopedics field became popular after Dr. Andry wrote a book about orthopedic practices in 1741. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum provides more innovative approaches to joint replacements. This helps provide less invasive surgeries, reduces pain, and speeds up recovery time for patients. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a highly-rated orthopedic surgeon and is considered one of the best in the industry. He comes from a family of doctors and works for the Bronxcare Health System. He graduated from Brown University and studied medicine at Yeshiva University. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum went to Harvard Business School and earned his certificate in healthcare management. He serves as an Editor for WebMD and is a co-founder for many medical organizations. He is known as an innovator and specializes in informational technology, operational leadership, and process engineering. He has completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries and has designed systems that are used in surgeries every day. He has published materials about joint replacement, orthopedic surgeries, and technological developments. He was in private practice from 2000-2008 and has won many awards for his hard work and quality care he provides to his patients. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and invests a lot of time in his patients. He believes it is important to connect with the staff in his department to improve his productivity. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is dedicated, hard-working and loves his line of work and performs exceptional work on his patients. Finding a doctor that is caring and makes you feel comfortable is important especially when you may be afraid to undergo surgery.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Discusses the Various Documents Involved in Estate Planning

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth management company that helps its clients with estate planning. People who are anticipating incapacitation or death should plan their estates so that they can be managed and controlled according to their desires. However, estate planning should be done earlier to prevent last-minute rushes that may not yield reliable results. Some essential documents should be prepared when one is planning an estate.

One of the primary documents that should be prepared is the durable power of attorney for finances. This is a financial document that gives a specific person, usually the spouse, the authority to make all the financial decisions when one is incapacitated. The person who gets the financial power of attorney must act in the best interests of the deceased.

The following document details about the advanced healthcare directive or living will. HCR Wealth Advisors indicate that the living is used in conjunction with a durable power of attorney for health care. These documents cover the type of care a person would want, including the hospitals that you would want to attend and who is appointed to make other health care decisions. However, the document can go to an extra mile of stating the care that an individual will not want to receive, such as organ donation and tube feeding, among others.

Besides the advanced healthcare directive, HCR Wealth Advisors note that another important document in the estate planning process is a power of attorney for health. This is a document that gives a person the power to oversee the health management of an incapacitated person while at the same time ensuring that everything is done as and when necessary.

The will, which is a document detailing how the finances, estate, and liabilities should be distributed and divided, is the final document that has everything to do with estate planning. HCR Advisors note that writing the will should be the first thing that individuals should handle. This is an essential document that should not be ignored.

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Paul Herdsman’s Decision

Paul Herdsman has many years of experience working with such things as customer acquisition, customer retention, business development and growth, marketing and sales growth, and operational execution. For several of these years, he worked in management for a number of different companies. During these years he developed a great talent for streamlining customer services. By 2013 he was doing this streamlining for company clients in India, the Philippines, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and throughout the U.S.

At that time it was still a side gig, but he eventually decided to start NICE so he could do it full time. He deciding to make it nearshore which means it is just outside of U.S. jurisdiction but close enough that the heads of his client companies can easily come over in just one day to visit NICE. He decided its headquarters would be based in Montego Bay, Jamaica where it remains today. This experience has helped him much as the co-founder and COO of the Jamaican-based customer service solutions company, NICE Global. Its client companies have found that NICE excels at improving customer retention, lowering overhead costs, improving customer engagement, and enabling higher revenue. Herdsman is also very employee-relations conscious.

Paul Herdsman is the reason NICE is considered one of the best places to work. He has led the company to constantly reward hard work and dedication to constantly improving one’s work. This is has a number of highly motivating incentive-based programs. Herdsman knows that a happy team is key to a company being successful.

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Strategy that can help you grow your business- Jeremy L. Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a successful lawyer of today’s age. He did his bachelor’s in arts from Cornell University. He did his masters in arts from the University of Chicago. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a boutique law firm committed to advising compensation committees, CEOs, management groups and organizations on topics related to government repayment and corporate governance, particularly as these issues arise in the context of transformative corporate events and sensitive situations. Some of the clients of Jeremy L. Goldstein include Duke Energy, Oracle, Bank of USA Corporation, Chevron, Philip Petroleum Company, and Dow chemical industry, etc. He is chairman of mergers and acquisitions at American Bars. Ten years from Goldstein decided to build his organization when he noticed a lot of conflicts going on in the governance section regarding interests in matters of compensation. He from the very start was hardworking and committed. In one of his interviews, he stated that he makes sure that there is a balance of time and productivity. He does this by accepting only a limited amount of work. The splendor of having performed this for almost twenty years is that there aren’t too many absolutely new troubles. While even if a new issue comes it always has some connection or is in rhyme with the something we have faced in the beyond. Moreover, he says that to be a successful lawyer you need to loyal to your client. Your client should be your priority. The better you know your clients, the better solutions you can find for him. You need to develop a strong relationship with your client on long term bases. According to Jeremy L. Goldstein, one strategy that can help you grow your business is to start taking interest in people. If you will let your clients feel important they are going to spread a positive word of mouth against your services. This would then increase your company’s brand equity and its name. You would also become a brand name in the market. There are five points which you need to keep in mind while you have a client in the house says Goldstein that is:

  • Stay in touch with your clients.
  • Make a call to them often.
  • Update your clients by sending an email
  • Follow up is the most important.

If your clients know that you are interested in their problems, they will more likely want your advice and come back to you whenever they need you. In this world, there is no substitute for loyalty, care, and trust. If you have developed your client’s trust you are going to be successful.


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