OSI Group: The Leader In Meat Manufacturing And Processing

OSI Group is a company that has consistently delivered the very best when it comes to the meat manufacturing industry. The company has worked hard to reach this prominent position and currently stands as one of the leading names within the sector in the global scene. The company has gone through constant evolutions numerous different developments over the years and has consistently experienced a number of improvements to fit the growing needs of its customer base. The company has had an impressive story behind it that has made it the prominent name that it currently is. OSI Group first came into existence during the 1920s when a man decided that he would set up a successful business that sold meat products.

The business was doing well until the economic crisis hit it and caused the leaders of the business to rethink its entire manner in which they worked. The owners then decided to make the business move towards a direction of meat processing, which was also in demand at the time. Through the next twenty years, the business evolved into a company that offered high quality meat to a range of customers. In the 1970s, OSI Group went through one of the biggest developments that they had ever seen. Mcdonald’s was just started to emerge in numerous locations and the leaders of the company wanted to get good sources to be able to acquire their meats.

Within a few years, McDonald’s decided that they wanted to get their meat from only one source to maintain consistency throughout its outlets. They decided to sign a contract with OSI Group, which streamlined the national development that the company experienced. Today, the company has grown into a global icon within the meat manufacturing and processing industry. Very few companies have managed to reach the prominent position that OSI Group currently holds because of how well established the entire country is. The company is currently operational in over sixty-five different facilities across seventeen different countries. The company has always tried to establish themselves within different countries by adhering to the standards, best quality food and requirements of each individual nation, which has enabled them to establish such a prominent position.

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