OSI Group McDonalds Creates Healthy Hamburgers

Eating healthy food has become essential in the society because of the increase in obesity and food diseases. People are now aware of which foods to indulge in and which ones are bad for their health. The ingredients contained in food also play a big role in its consumption. People want to consume foods that contain natural ingredients and are chemical free. When buying food, people look at its preservatives, sugars, additives and chemicals. This ensures they are getting food that does not have any harmful ingredients or unnecessary preservatives. McDonalds which is a well known fast food joint is also not left out when it comes to food safety. Consumers of the McDonald’s hamburgers are concerned with what it contains.

This curiosity led one David Whipple to experiment on a McDonald’s hamburger. Whipple decided to keep a hamburger away in a locked kitchen cupboard for 14 years to see if it has preservatives. When he took out the burger after fourteen years, it did not show any signs of rotting. It looked exactly as it did 14 years ago. This sparked a lot of controversy regarding the McDonald’s hamburger and the ingredients that it contains. McDonalds came clean and said their hamburgers do not contain any preservatives. Other researchers also supported McDonalds stating that the hamburger did not rot because it was not in a suitable environment. To know more about the company click here.

A brief visit to the McDonalds factory was arranged to see how safe their hamburgers are for consumption. Their hamburgers are made in the Gunzburg factory, which is part of the OSI Group franchise. OSI Group supplies hamburgers to all McDonalds restaurants. In the factory hygiene is the number one priority. All workers on site are supposed to dress properly to avoid contaminating the meat. No one is also allowed to enter the factory if they are sick. There is a lab in the factory that is used to test the hamburgers that are made in the factory. The meat is tested to ensure it has the right amount of fat and that it is safe to consume.


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