Oren Frank Determined to Bring Mental Healthcare to All People Who Need It

Oren Frank said that when he and his wife, Roni, opted to undergo marriage counseling with a licensed therapist, it changed his life. Today, the Israel-born former ad man and software developer lives in New York with his wife and two daughters. They’re a happy family. That may never have happened if it wasn’t for the professional help he and his wife received at a critical juncture in their relationship, he said.

His experience was the prime motivator to create Talkspace, an online mental health therapy app that can be accessed by anyone from a smartphone or computer. Users can log onto Talkspace and be connected with hours with a fully qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage counselor or an array of other mental health care providers. Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

Another powerful motivation for Oren Frank was cost and accessibility. He noted that the average psychologist in New York City was commanding fees of $200 to $400 an hour. That bothered him. On any given day, there are thousands of people in dire need of treatment who simply can’t afford it, even if they have some insurance coverage.

So in launching Talkspace, Oren Frank was also determined to address the cost of therapy. He wanted to make it so any average person could afford it. With Talkspace, no one is paying $400 an hour. In fact, a month of text therapy can be had for as little as $100.

Oren Frank’s philosophy is: “Therapy for all.” In a recent article, Frank wrote that the world is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Conditions like depression, addiction, anxiety disorder and more are rising rapidly. Depression rates alone have climbed by 33% since 2013, Frank said.

He firmly believes services like Talkspace are the answer. With it, thousands of people can now gain access to affordable mental health care every day. Learn More: https://interview.net/oren-frank

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