Omar Yunes is Proof that in Business Dedication Trounces Experience

Owing to the growing prominence of globalization, the global business climate is more competitive today than it has ever been before. This has driven international brands to employ a wide range of strategies in a bid to establish footholds in diverse local markets. One of these entry strategies has been to get into franchise business relationships with local entrepreneurs who understand consumer preferences and local market dynamics. This is the direction Japanese food band, Sushi Itto took when entering the Mexican market. The brand got into a franchise agreement with the young and respected entrepreneur, Omar Yunes. The relationship has served the two parties very well over the course of the last few years.


Omar Yunes became a franchisee for Sushi Itto when he was barely in his twenties. He compensated for his lack of experience with unrivaled dedication and business acumen. Since then, he has grown the business to 13 franchise units – representing about ten percent of all the units under the Sushi Itto brand. Additionally, he directly employs about 400 employees in these 13 units. Given the saturated nature of the Mexican food industry, it is highly commendable that Omar Yunes has been able to establish a foothold on a slice of the industry within only a few years and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.


Thus far, the epitome of Omar Yunes’s brilliance as a franchisee was realized when he was recently named the top franchise in the world. At the event held in Florence, Italy, Yunes was named placed highest among a large pool of franchisees from all across the world, including more developed countries such as Portugal and Italy. Judges settled on Yunes due to his commitment to simplifying business operations for the Sushi Itto brand and his Website.


The win was not just seen as a victory for Omar Yunes, but rather also for Sushi Itto and the franchise industry in Mexico. Being global, the Best Franchisee of the World competition attracts attention from all across the globe. Consequently, many of those who did not previously know of the Sushi Itto brand got to hear about it for the first time. The Sushi Itto management was no doubt happy about it and more information click here.


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