Obama Threatens New Congress With His Veto Power

President Obama has promised the incoming Republican majority congress that he is not afraid to use his pen to veto any legislation that he dislikes. The new Republican majority congress will enter its first session in January and is expected to enact legislation aimed at modifying or repealing some key policies of the Obama administration such as the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform and the environment. Igor Cornelsen is trying to pay close attention to it all.

The new Republican congressman won their seats running largely on promises to fight President Obama’s ever increasing tactic of using executive actions such as executive orders to bypass Congress. Since he has taken office, President Obama has used executive orders to create de facto laws in the areas of health care immigration and the environment. Since he has taken office Obama has demonstrated a great willingness to ignore the rule of law and place the system of checks and balances in jeopardy. Obama has repeatedly picked and chosen what laws, and parts of laws to enforce.

Obama’s veto threat poses a real danger to the Republican majority in Congress who want to pass laws to deal with Obama’s disastrous policy decisions but lack the two-thirds vote of its members needed to override a Presidential veto.

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