Nick Vertucci Understands Risk And Reward In Real Estate

Through hard work and determination, Nick Vertucci became an expert in the real estate industry and now shares his secrets to success with others. He recently released his own book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed that is inspiring entrepreneurs around the world. While there are plenty of rags to riches stories that can be found on the internet, Vertucci is one of the rare cases that went bag to rags and returned to riches again.

Nick Vertucci realized at a young age that he never wanted to have to live the typical 9 to 5 and needed to figure out other options. His early years may not necessarily have indicated that he would become, but he proves that where you begin doesn’t matter. At 18 years old, he experienced the death of his father and lost the support of his family when they all went their own separate ways. He took a job at an appliance store delivering orders until he eventually moved up to sales.

Even with this promotion, it just didn’t pay enough to live off of comfortably. He reached a low point when he was living in a van trying to survive and realized that he had to make a major change in his life.

He made the decision to start his own business at only 22 years old as a real estate investor. Nick Vertucci started small before managing to grow his business as he learned new things during his career. Despite losing everything when the market crashed, he never gave up and has stated that he wouldn’t change anything that happened. Though he may have gone bankrupt and been cheated by people that he thought he could trust, he still went on to start again. This risk has paid off immensely and he has become a success story twice.

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