Nick Vertucci Poker Player, Real Estate Magnate

Poker is a thriving sport in the United States. Each day, millions of people play poker online. Nick Vertucci is an avid real estate investor. Despite his financial success in this industry, Nick has a side career as a poker player.

Learning to Play

Nick Vertucci learned to play poker online. He enjoys all of the different options when playing the game. Unlike most sports, there is not a perfect way to play poker. Instead, the game makes players rely on their gut instincts as much as their overall playing skills.

When he was young, Nick spent a few hours each day playing poker online. He competed in a few online tournaments, and he finally decided to enter a real tournament to play for money.

First Tournament

When Nick Vertucci entered his first tournament, he did not feel like he belonged. He was playing with people who had decades of experience playing poker. He lasted several days in the competition, and he even left with some prize money.

Slowing Down

Once Nick Vertucci started his career as a real estate investor, he stopped playing poker as much as before. However, he uses the skills that he learned playing poker in other areas of his life. Bluffing is a significant part of any business negotiation.

Other Success

Nick also runs a successful business that is designed to teach people how to invest in real estate. The vast majority of people are never educated about how to invest and build wealth for the future. Real estate is the perfect investment option for people who do not have a ton of experience investing. Nick uses his real estate course to teach beginners how to get started investing. Over the past few years, he has helped thousands of people get started investing.

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