Nick Vertucci Is Actually A Big Time Poker Player And Fan

Nick Vertucci has been balancing a variety of different career interests since 2000, including real estate, investing, poker, and even writing. Poker has been a long time passion for Nick Vertucci because it takes a lot of skill in order to master it, but very little investment to get started for anyone. Nick has shown his talent for real estate investing, having turned himself into a millionaire in just a couple years, but now he is also starting to get more involved with the professional poker scene. Nick has had an interest in poker since before he became a millionaire through real estate investments, and he personally believes that it has contributed to his overall success as well. This is partly because Nick has played against some of the greatest poker players out there today and partly because poker makes use of many of the same skills that are required in real estate that Nick uses to be a great investor.

When it comes to poker, being able to read others is one of the biggest and most important skills since another player could have a great hand or possibly nothing at all. Playing poker has taught Nick Vertucci to read others at a whole new capacity to understand their intentions and what they might have in store for him. Another important factor when it comes to playing poker that has helped Nick Vertucci a great deal is emotional control. In order to hide the emotions that arise from a good hand or bad hand, Nick must be able to hide what he is really feeling. This comes in very handy when it comes to real estate investments because if a seller notices that Nick is out of place emotionally, then they know they have the negotiating edge on him.

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