Nick Vertucci: An Effective Poker Player and a Real Estate Investor

Known in the real estate sector as the master of real estate flipping, Nick Vertucci’s name is becoming one of the hottest topics in the world of poker. The real estate entrepreneur decided to join poker competitions, as a pastime while managing his real estate business. Since he established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy back in 2015, the multi-millionaire real estate investor wanted to try out another career where he could succeed. Back when he was still out of the real estate business, he would always play poker and join professional competitions, with his last jackpot prize being more than $7,000. He claimed that playing poker has actually increased his senses, and he managed to develop new techniques that he could later apply at his real estate business.

Sometimes, Nick Vertucci would visit locations where a poker game is being played. He would join games and showcase how powerful and strategic he is when playing poker. One of the largest prize pools that he ever experienced during his career in playing poker would be a $9.7 million prize pool. Thousands of people showed up during the first day of the competition, and Nick Vertucci had to go home, taking away $2,000 worth of prizes. Today, aside from playing poker, he is also hands-on in the development of his real estate business.

Nick Vertucci has also one of the most commendable rags to riches story because, despite the problems that he encountered along the way, he never stopped dreaming. Every failure attributed to his success could mean that he is learning, and with the aid of his friends and family members, he was able to witness how a real estate flipper speaks to the public, convincing them of a new and better life. The speech would last for hours, with people paying money to travel where he will be conducting his speeches.

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