Nia Guzman Not Happy With Chris Brown’s Expensive Gifts For Royalty

Chris Brown has been loving every minute of fatherhood, for a guy who was shocked with the news of a 9 month old baby, he seemed to spring into action without missing a beat. Clearly Chris wanted to make up for lost time, and he has been doing a bang up job getting to know his precious daughter Royalty. Lately Chris is letting the world know that he is putting fatherhood first and Royalty is the most important girl in his life at the moment. Father’s Day just passed and for an entire day we got a taste of what it’s like for Chris as a new dad, his first Father’s Day was a huge hit, and the proof is all over his Instagram account.

One thing that everyone is a bit confused about is the shady fact that Royalty’s mother Nia Guzman not only skipped over Chris’s Father’s Day well wishes, but made a point to post a heartfelt message of gratitude to her boyfriend. In her post she made it clear that her boyfriend is the real MVP in her kid’s life and she appreciates all that he does, but she didn’t mention Chris.

Now, apparently Nia is upset with the way that Chris is spending his money on Royalty. Nia is not happy with the money Chris is spending on extravagant toys and frivolous things for Royalty, when she feels he should be focused on important things like clothes and diapers. Chris does send Nia money for Royalty, but they do not have a formal child support agreement. At the moment Royalty spends most of her time with Chris and his mother so it’s odd that Nia is feeling pressed for cash according to Ricardo Tosto.

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