New Social Network Ello Attracts Thousands of Signups

Ello, which is marketing itself as the “anti-Facebook,” is signing up tens of thousands of new members per hour in its early stages. This social media site can only be accessed by invitation, which is perhaps part of its mystique and appeal. Ello was started by a Vermont bicycle shop owner named Paul Budnitz, who originally planned it as only a small social network for his friends. It has, however, been open to the public since August and has since received quite a bit of media attention.

Ello’s most notable feature is that it doesn’t accept advertising. This is something Slow Ventures would likely endorse, as it’s very reminiscent of Path’s mantra in its early stages. Promotions for Ello point out how large social sites like Facebook sell users’ data to large companies. Thus, Ello appeals to people who object to the commercialization of social media as well as those with privacy concerns. It remains to be seen how many people will sign up to Ello and whether its business model is sustainable.

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  • Isaac says:

    Privacy advocates welcome the addition of Ello to the social media arena. Skeptics, meanwhile, wonder if the new social site will be able to remain faithful to its policy of not accepting any advertising. This is by far a good way that the essay writer online should have made sure that everything works out really well.

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